Nov 5, 2011

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I Know What You Are

On November 21st, nothing will be the same. Check out this exciting new TV spot from TWILIGHT.

Check out this recap of Twilight rocking Comic-con! A big thanks to all our fans who were able to come out and make it such a great success!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. MrsGoldblumMJfan91 says:

    Bella: Iknow what you are.

    Edward: Say it, Out loud

    Bella: . . . . SUB ZERO!

  2. Bella: I know what you are…
    Edward: Say it.. Out loud
    (What I thought she was going to say) Bella: A snowman.

  3. strawberry55074 says:

    i love this scene. i just want to cry because bells is soooo cluey as to what edward is…

  4. Th3GoldenGam3r says:

    mermaid?…Unicorn?…Pedobear?…. Oh man,I never get these things right! ­čÖü

  5. AmandaShakur says:

    what’s the name of song playing in backround?please tell me ­čÖé

  6. AdventuresofFatward says:

    “I know what you are.”
    “Say it out loud… just say it.”
    “A… a Jonas Brother…”

  7. edwardbellafan1000 says:


  8. theblackgangster87 says:

    @ZachTLehner we are so proud cause our vampires SPARKLE , AT LEAST Meyer was creative &´╗┐ wrote something new and beautiful ! It’s not a remake of Dracula dumbass! ┬Č_┬Č
    @TheBatmanSmells you’re right batman smells <_<

  9. TheBasqueLand says:

    Jesus people were a maritime people just like the basques and its proven the basques were the only´╗┐ seafering people(this fact solves the mystery) (1st explorers´╗┐ of the world btw)with the rare rh neg blood and Jesus people had the same blood so´╗┐ if only the basques had this blood this means jesus people and the´╗┐ basques were the same people! When you are such valued people,shady n jealous freaks will try to manipulate n steal your identity(cromagnon=basque man).Good luck debunkin this

  10. ZachTLehner says:

    /watch?v=IVPxAgy7lBA <-- That's a REAL vampire

  11. TheBatmanSmells says:

    Bella: I know what you are
    Edward: Say it out loud
    Bella: A glittering fairy princess that sparkles in the sunlight!
    Edward: *facepalm*

  12. TheKabzonchik says:

    The most boring movie I ever seen……. Wish it was never made

  13. NashiraJade says:

    @rania0909 I never got into twilight. To me the books are so unrealistic. The movies have alot of poor acting aka Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for starters. But that’s just my opinion, Thats cool that you like it and I’m not saying that everyone should hate it either. It’s just the fact that these aren’t the vampires I grew up on. I grew up on Anne Rice’s Lestat.

  14. rania0909 says:

    @NashiraJade I like Twilight and Im a guy, I dont understand´╗┐ why everyone thinks Twilight is a story for teenage girls. I never really was into the whole vampire thing and had no idea what Twilight was until my girlfriend said she wanted to go see it. I went to the movie with no idea of what it was and I fell in love´╗┐ with the story. Ok so the vampires arent traditional like with the whole sparkling in the sun thing but it didnt come off as a chick movie to me at all

  15. NashiraJade says:

    @king0twlover You say vampires don’t exist, so wouldn’t that totally negate the second half of your statement? if vampires don’t exist, then edward cullen couldn’t possibly exist, right?

  16. NashiraJade says:

    @king0twlover You say vampires don’t exist, so wouldn’t that totally negate the second half of your statement? if vampires don’t exist, then edward cullen couldn’t possibly exist, right?

  17. king0twlover says:

    To begin with,vampire doesn’t exist at all and Edward is a peaceful vampire not a stupid monster

  18. NashiraJade says:

    Is there anyone else besides me who’s just waiting on Alucard from Hellsing to show up and show edward how a real vampire does things?

    I know what you are, your skin is pale white and you’re ice cold. Say it….out loud. Vanilla Ice Cream

  19. rainbowk11d says:

    Edward and Bella >>>the rest of the characters

  20. KattMontour says:

    I love edword

  21. Karaisawesomelol says:


  22. robsten4everfan says:

    This love is FOREVER.Twilight will never end for me<33

  23. i dont know why i love twilight so much !

  24. inlovewithkristen says:

    twilight > anything

  25. Mrkstewlover says:

    WoooooW <3
    team twilight <3

  26. MaxxSwan13 says:

    @trwspman u suck

  27. @MaxxSwan13 you suck ass
    twilight rocks

  28. MaxxSwan13 says:


  29. Niggamancy says:

    @ZGundam4life Yeah, they’re the only exceptions.

  30. ZGundam4life says:

    @Niggamancy the Twilight vampires and werewolfs suck dick.

  31. Niggamancy says:

    Vampires suck blood not dick!

  32. twilight fuken suxx monkey balls not like my videos

  33. @grkpektis You know to throw around stupid insults only showcases how immature you are.

  34. @wendilili again I am not the one that is a twitard, I know thats hard for a dumbass like you to understand

  35. @grkpektis lol u need to grow up

  36. @wendilili I have no life? I am not the one that camps outside all day and hogs seats for hours just to see the stars of a shitty movie that only horny little cunts watch

  37. @grkpektis lol u mad? Get a life or stay pressed.

  38. grkpektis says:

    @wendilili Yeah we’re stupid yet you’re the dumb ass who watches movies with vampires that sparkle

  39. grkpektis says:

    @hazehaley why don’t you eat shit and die of AIDS with all your other stupid bitch twitards. I hope I see you at comic-con so i can curse at all of you in person. Comic-con

  40. ZGundam4life says:

    @hazehaley At least super heroes arent undead stalkers/future rapists *cough* *cough* Edward Cullen who like slutty necrophiles who cant act *cough* *cough* Bella Swan.

  41. hazehaley says:

    @gary854 no kidding thx

  42. hazehaley says:

    maybe you stupid people can judge twilight when YOU write a top seller

  43. hazehaley says:

    @smithbob dont watch the video moron your not as popular as twilight are you? go f a cheap super hero in a costume maybe than you will be happy. maybe….

  44. partygirl209 says:

    since when is Twilight a comic?!?!?

  45. DroBONILLA1 says:


  46. babeeshopiez123 says:

    @MandyBlackAlexCullen and this is why people like you make me sick fuck off

  47. fman40000 says:

    fuck and people thought the westboro baptist protest was the worst thing to ever visit comicon.

  48. LumiroCanis says:

    I like the Actors, I don’t like the movie. The book is better, but I have yet to read it. Vampires ARE cool, but this movie made them look stupid. And I think you guys should make your own convention, instead of taking over ours. lol ­čśŤ Comic-con is beast! <3 Sincerely Crazed Anime Fans.


    But they taste fantastic barbequed.

    (I don’t mean the loupgarou of these films)

  50. Fonzymazer says:

    Twilight is the perfect movie for dumb fucking teens. It is about being a worthless whore, having babies and not being responsible. Congratulations dumbfucks.

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