Mar 25, 2012

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Jasper Hale et Bella Swan S’aimer pour nous est interdit

Jasper Hale et Bella Swan S’aimer pour nous est interdit

A video about a potential love story between Jasper Hale and Bella Swan. In English, the title of the song is “Love is forbidden for us”. I’m so sorry if there’s mistakes, I’m french. Vidéo Plot: READ IT PLEASE TO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING! Flash Back. Bella leavePhoenix to go to forks and fall in love with Edward. But Jasper, Edward’s brother is really cute and she likes him. They began to test each other and to flirt. O.28: Bella’s thinking about what she feels for Jasper. Friendship or love? O.32: Jasper is lost because Bella has a power on him, he is attracted by her. O.37: End of the Flash Back. Bella and Jasper couldn’t love each other and say goobye to the soulmate. O.57: Flash Back. The first time they met, when Jasper was still with Alice and when Bella fell in love with Edward. 1.05: A Kiss between Jasper and Bella before the began touching each other. End Flash Back. 1.14: Edward saw in Jasper’s mind what he did with Bella and broke up with her. 1.17: Alice knows too but she forgives Jasper, and wants to show Bella that he is hers. 1.20: Bella thinks about her night with Jasper. 1.31: Jasper tries to leave again like he did before he met Bella. 1.35: Bella wants Edward to forgive her. 1.40: But Jasper goes to her room. He needs to talk to her. They are in love. 1.55: Jasper wants to go away with Bella who is packing her clothes and he tries to say it to Alice. 2.02: Bella feels guilty to broke again Edward’s heart and remembers that she kissed him an hour ago to

UPDATE: clip quality is so bad because it was made just after the movie had come out! Used Eclipse scenes 😉 a few things to address: 1. the coloring got really messed up 2. there’s one clip I didnt color, it was the bedroom scene when edward says “you’ll always be my Bella” 3. this turned out pretty bad. 4. the audio change is a little drastic near the end, im not sure if its UBER noticeable but.. live with it 😀 SONG: Impossible- Shontelle (Instrumental) FANDOM: TWILIGHT PAIRING:E/B Eclipse clips used 🙂 VOICE OVERS: Fire and ice poem & “Isabella swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever, will you do me the incredible honor of marrying me” enjoy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. kaindurbin says:

    i love it

  2. polinettesparrow says:

    @roseheart1011 Into the Wilde.

  3. polinettesparrow says:

    @roseheart1011 It is in the film from Sean Penn, “Into the Wilde”

  4. roseheart1011 says:

    what is 0:33? or after that.where shes hugging someone

  5. roseheart1011 says:

    what is 0:33?

  6. KatharinaYU says:

    Le Roi Soleil:)) J’aime Emmanuel Moire:D

  7. xashley22 says:

    what film is it at 1:51 ?

  8. je voudrais savoir comment s’appelle le film ou bella et jasper on joué ensemble

  9. animie0enchanter says:

    3:24 ahhhh my poor baby!!!!!

  10. 9xXxSpecxXx7 says:

    is tht clip where they are making out one of the gossip girls ?

  11. didonettee says:

    il ferai vraimen un tre tre bo couple

  12. didonettee says:

    jador vraimen

  13. ScarlettFiske says:

    It’s very nice!!!I cant stop watching..:) Faved!:)

  14. malala121 says:

    ils sont mignnon

  15. annacullendoyle says:

    Jasper est PAS avec Bella !!! Il est avec Alice !!! lol

  16. CullensForever1 says:

    no !!!!

  17. malala121 says:

    bella et jacob irait bien ensemble je trouve!

  18. CullensForever1 says:

    what’s the name on 0:33 with jasper(jackson rathbone)? and which movie is it on 0:36 with kristen and robert(bella and edward hugging?)0:40?(jackson) ohh and forgot what film is it on 1:39-1:53 where jasper and bella play? i know their are different but what film are they?

  19. CullensForever1 says:

    your is better than the others i watched
    twilight should be like this but anyway

  20. CullensForever1 says:

    great great great vid. this should be twilight not with edward jezzzz………. great 1000000000000% greater then others
    i cant stop watching it

  21. Jhalmsgirl says:

    i just plain out loved it because it was awesome

  22. oumaima0123 says:

    je n’aurais jamais aimé si c’était Jasper qui serait avec Bella dans le film

  23. Sara5606 says:

    Bad jasper bad he needs a spanking lol cute video very cool

  24. splendidjuju says:

    Ta vidéo me donne plein d’idée pour des histoires … Je l’adore !! Bon, c’est vrai que le couple Jasper-Bella c’est pas gégnial mais bon … 🙂

  25. coolgirlpopin101 says:

    I love the moments in the video an the music just makes u more into it nice job!

  26. AQWorlddragonz231 says:

    @Alix231299 The Instrumental of Impossible by Shontelle 🙂

  27. AQWorlddragonz231 says:

    @MyEndlessThoughts exactly why I used a instrumental version because the lyrics didn;t fit…

  28. WindWG222 says:


    I’m not sure but it sounds like ”Shontelle - Impossible”

  29. MyEndlessThoughts says:

    I know this song, and the lyrics and because I know them.. I sing automatically (; but yeah.. the lyrics do not fit the video (;

    Haha, whatever.. nice video (;

  30. Alix231299 says:

    What is the music of the video? 😀

  31. Nastya8686 says:

    Amazing video)) I love it so much!!

  32. Ezadevil13 says:


  33. MJTwiilight says:

    This made me fall in love with Twilight all over again! Love it!<3

  34. twilighter505 says:

    Love it all -3

  35. TwilightManiaMadda says:

    i love Edward and Bella… i love the twilight saga…

  36. kitty2ism says:

    love the movie

  37. msvaleriacullen says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i love it so much!!!!!!!

  38. canucksgirl20088 says:

    thanks for watching everyone!:)

  39. simranbhakta says:

    i really dont like his side burn in this movie

  40. kellyann310186 says:

    so lovely!

    beautiful !!!

  42. LaChry2014 says:

    loveeee it!

  43. stephstephbaby says:

    so adorable! loved the narration awesome..loved the ending too! great job

  44. canucksgirl20088 says:

    @kalissa92 thank you :))

  45. kalissa92 says:


  46. TwilightNJonas4Ever says:

    beautiful <33

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