Mar 25, 2012

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Review – New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Team Edward Fans may find it difficult to get through this book, knowing he is absent from the majority of this story. I became worried when Edward disappeared and wondered if the story could hold my interest until he returns. It did seem like a slower read to me but I think it was the absence of Edward and the anticipation for his return. Looking back after having read all the books, it makes more sense to focus on this side of the story. Bella and Jacob need time to develop their relationship. This friendship provides the conflict that continues throughout the series.

The book begins with Bella’s disastrous birthday celebration. During the party, she has an accident that involves blood and the danger surrounding them becomes evident. The Cullen Family reacts in such a way that Edward feels his only option is to disappear.

After Edward leaves, Bella goes into a deep depression, going through the motions of school, work and home. Months pass and as she considers life without Edward, her behavior becomes reckless. She begins to hear Edward’s voice when she is in danger. In order to hold on to him, she continues to puts herself in danger. When she passes by two motorcycles that are for sale, she develops a plan. She promises one of the motorcycles to Jacob if he will help her fix it up. Jacob is thrilled at this opportunity hoping that it will lead to more than a friendship. Bella is hoping it will allow her to hear Edward’s voice more often. Her relationship with Jacob grows and she considers the possibility of romance. Then a secret is revealed and it threatens to destroy their friendship.

The suspense continues to pick up as we find out where Edward is and his plans. I did enjoy the book but at times it was difficult to get through. I kept anticipating the return of the Cullen family, Edward and the vampire Victoria. The ending was good and left me wanting to find out more.

This is a definite read for Twilight fans and the ending will leave you wanting more. And if you are like me, more of Edward!

  1. TeamBuju says:

    Although I am a fan of the Twilight Saga I must say that ‘New Moon’ was a bit disappointing. For one Edward Cullen is missing through most of the movie and Bella’s suffering and pathetic attitude is annoying and a bit unrealistic…

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