Mar 25, 2012

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Ashley Greene on Alexa Chung

Ashley Greene on Alexa Chung

I just realized I had her name spelled wrong. ;D

  1. tightpantsad says:

    did alexa chung do the voice of jane in tarzan?

  2. twilighterkstew says:

    why are ppl saying shes fake? I dont think she is.She’s beautiful!

  3. danthepan123 says:

    @LottaBullnose Quit your whining… Its British humour, you just dont get it.

  4. suzieblue1984 says:

    @Craziigurl529 thank god im not the only person who noticed she`s very fake…she`s very slutty also!!

  5. MsTwilightstarz says:

    her hairs always so good

  6. diana62800 says:

    I’m sorry for bad English but I’m French

  7. diana62800 says:

    Ashley is very very pretty.

  8. xoxoLILYxoxo19 says:

    @Craziigurl529 i hate her shes fake and her voice is kinda annoying

  9. Craziigurl529 says:

    She seems very fake like cmon ! Joe used to go out with her and they look horrible together -:(

  10. wish they would do a British version of the show on with Alexa so i know who some of the guests are..

  11. 4Jabberwocky says:

    she laughs exactly how I imagened Alice would laugh, love her <3

  12. meghanlizadominique says:

    “Does anyone else like Rob Pattinson?”
    I dont think the red-head at 2:06 does…

  13. theurbanapparel says:

    Vote for Alexa Chung to win The Urban Apparel’s Cool Star Award 2011.

    Vote Here:

  14. haveumetmark says:

    holy crap ashley greene!!!! uahfiudshfiuadhsfiuahfdiuahdfiuahdfiuhadfGHOTTTTTTTTTT

  15. starlight104 says:

    “It’s gotta go higher.”
    “Well, it can’t.”

  16. razmataz13drums says:

    @LottaBullnose nah not everyone is like that as a host in britain. i think some of those people just like to be mocking generally.. im not sure but yeah i dont know craig ferguson, but yeah chris moyles and jonathan ross are both pretty awful. but really like everything there’s gonna be mean people and nice people in every country and every industry… but tbh most is all in good humour. i guess its just a culture clash, but honestly most arent the same :)

  17. steviepersonal says:

    wait, why did she show that mean thing of her movie? that’s dis-graceful. :’(

  18. steviepersonal says:

    @shortp5 yeah, doesn’t she seem like such a lovely girl? wow, eh! :’) Good to have nice people on the world.

  19. MrMegaaaan says:

    @MrDaiseymay um k

  20. kitanna1000 says:

    she’s is amazing

  21. MrDaiseymay says:

    @MrMegaaaan SHALLOW IDIOT

  22. MrDaiseymay says:

    @LottaBullnose To us Brits it is a normal competative banter style, than Americans are used to. It is mildly mocking, even antagonistic , but it is all with humour, and usually encourages the receiver to join in and compete.

  23. LottaBullnose says:

    What is it with British talk show host, like Alexa or Craig Ferguson demeaning and being rude to their guest? Is it a fashionable for British talk show host to act this way because of Simon Cowell of “American Idol?” If I were a talk show host, interviewing a guest, irregardless of TV ratings, I certainly wouldn’t insult or even make light of my guest’s work, as Alexa does with Ashley Greene in a spoof of Twilight. It looks as though Ashley’s feelings and pride were hurt. Are Brits just morons?

  24. ashley is so not the typical hollywood star. she doesn’t seem at all high maintinance but just a really lovely girl

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