Jan 24, 2012

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Acoustic Concert

Check out an exclusive Acoustic Concert featuring music from the soundtrack to THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. VictoriaShadow says:

    WOw… Singapore Radio? WOO HOO!~~~

  2. SuzanneRivera5985 says:

    i love you? Edward Cullen I’ve scanned an article from
    that few parts in the twilight movie were removed due it was drastic for viewers

  3. TheSxegamer says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Twilight is the certain fanbase of stupid.
    I’m talking about these fans claiming that the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess copied the Twilight books and movies.
    Can I ask? How did some fans could even compare the 2? They are completely different products and besides Zelda Came First. Zelda has a 25 year history. UMMM can we say Zelda and Twilight have nothing and never will anything in common.
    I want to debate with a fan that thinks Zelda copied Twilight.

  4. Is it just me or is there a poster of James Blunt hanging at the wall behind them?! Look at 7:10 I think I’m right… So funny…. He’s one of my favorite singers!

  5. loveesTokioHotel says:

    @TheSingingPeople HE IS gnarles barkley.. xd hahahah

  6. pinkstangcloud says:

    dude Cee los boots are unzipped and he has sunglasses on inside that guy looks like a dork but I do LOVE his song. Love that song by Metric

  7. TheSingingPeople says:

    cee lo kinda reminds me of gnarles barkley 🙂

  8. Cee Lo Green… JUST WOW!

  9. LOVE this song
    twilight !!
    team edward forever

  10. angela9552 says:


  11. Banenasocks says:

    check this justin beiber proof of gay –> youtube.com/watch?v=CUfYoGy_kbo

  12. FuzzyPurpleSocks says:

    the blonde chick sucks!

  13. 23:40 for Cee-lo’s performance best thing ever!

  14. gailNKKbananafan says:

    ♥ Jasoer Hale ♥


  16. CreatedStratusSticky says:

    Sooo Stoopid!

  17. Kellycollapse says:

    souds good!

  18. (L)(L)TEAM EDWARD(L)(L)

  19. MissLinah says:

    Cee-Lo Green’s song is my favorite from the whole soundtrack. He got such an amazing vocie. Love it really:D I’m listening to it right now actually 😀

  20. xacrimsonmessx says:

    Ed Hardy wallpaper?? WTF is this world coming to.

  21. lgshine27 says:

    i love “What Part of Forever “

  22. awesome soundtrack. can’t w8 to see movie!

  23. nadyagallegos says:

    i love indie music its the best type of music I’ve heard in years!!!

  24. moyramcfarland says:

    where is florence and muse? :O

  25. Fucking Emily Haines

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