Mar 25, 2012

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And Then There Came Twilight – A Book Review

And Then There Came Twilight – A Book Review

The author, Stephanie Meyer, actually had a hard time looking for a publishing company to print her masterpiece. But thanks to the Little, Brown Company which agreed to publish her work, the Twilight saga has exceptionally became a worldwide sensation. The first book, Twilight, has sold over millions of copies all around the world making it an instant hit. Countless girls and even guys of different ages have fallen head over heels in love with Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan.

I, too, can’t get enough of the love story of Edward and Bella. Theirs is the ideal love story that every girl dreams of. All girls would swear to give up everything to have an Edward of their own. Edward is not your typical boyfriend. He is considered to be the epitome of a perfect boyfriend one could ever imagine. Bella is very fortunate to have found him. Aside from being extremely handsome, Edward is also Bella’s full-time protector, savior, and prince.

Bella, on the other hand, is the weakling type who needs constant protection from her beloved Edward. She has low self-confidence and thinks that she is just average and unworthy of Edward’s love. A lot of girls could actually relate to Bella’s character and would dream that they, too, would eventually find their own Edward.

I love the first book so much that I was able to read it thrice in a row and I can’t stop myself from putting it away from the grasp of my hands. Every dialogue melted each girl’s heart for sure, just as it melted mine. Though Edward is a vampire, he does everything to be worthy of Bella’s love. He exerts so much effort to control himself so as not to hurt the love of his life.

Despite the fact that the story is exceptionally good and inspiring, the editing of the book was somehow flawed. Being a writing teacher that I am, I was a bit meticulous on the how the grammar, punctuations and some other writing details turned out. I guess the flaws were just typographical errors. But still, the proofreaders should have been more cautious and keen on the most trivial detail. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed reading all the books.

Twilight has been a phenomenal success. This teen love story between a human and a vampire won’t be forgotten easily. The great love story shared by Edward and Bella would surely have a special place in every girl’s heart.


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