Mar 25, 2012

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Bella Swan | I’m Alive

Bella Swan | I’m Alive

DISCLAIMER: Song and clips property of the respective owners. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!! I OWN NOTHING BUT MY EDITING!! WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY!! Hope you enjoy it…I love this song and Bella!! Song is I’m alive by Celine Dion imeem account
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  1. theinuyashalover11 says:

    i am in team edwardgo team edward wooo hooo yaaaa <33333

  2. ronin6401 says:

    @richprincess905 being called retarded by a twilight fan is akin to being called a pervert by Roman Polanski.

  3. ronin6401 says:

    @richprincess905 Riiiiiiiiiiight…a self centered ingrate who lacks the self respect to do anything for herself without some supernatural gigolo holding her hand makes for an “awesome” character. (heavy sarcasm hand)

  4. richprincess905 says:

    @ronin6401 no she isnt you are 🙁

  5. richprincess905 says:

    @ronin6401 she is not a failure of a character she is awesome
    (atleast better then you). but my fav character is alice

  6. SuperIsabellaMarieSw says:

    I was dancing on this song in Serbia,its great song 😉

  7. ronin6401 says:

    @WazzuppMusic Maybe she’s just so good that she can perfectly portray someone as dull and lifeless as Bella. We’ll find out later this year when Snow White and the Huntsman comes out with my boy Chris “Thor” Hemsworth

  8. ronin6401 says:

    @richprincess905 I know that. I was making a sarcastic comment based on what a dull, uninteresting, and generall failure of a character that she is.

  9. ronin6401 says:

    @richprincess905 Bella’s retarded

  10. richprincess905 says:

    @kaitlin10ct theres a team edward ???

  11. richprincess905 says:

    @serena200 ikr i lovd it too i mean iove it so much ;

  12. richprincess905 says:

    @ElMa1788 you know what i know i dont know you but u bitch no one calls bella retarted ok asshole motherfuck i dare you to say that again bitch

  13. richprincess905 says:

    @spooky2828 ikr

  14. richprincess905 says:

    @xxxsophiepxxx24 yea mee too but u fix your username it ant so pelight

  15. richprincess905 says:

    @arushiraj7 ikr i do to

  16. richprincess905 says:

    @giovana610 hahaha lol then if is edward yours bella mine 🙂

  17. richprincess905 says:

    @WazzuppMusic NOOOOO you crazy Kristen Stewert is the best actor your probably too jelous 😉

  18. richprincess905 says:

    @leeloo9999 who is celine and ya i love her video too 🙂

  19. richprincess905 says:

    @BrunaPaulina1703 sure i will and you ment chek right ? 🙂

  20. richprincess905 says:

    @ronin6401 actully no bella is not a zombie she is a mortel but since breaking dawn came out and the last part so she appeared as a vampire so ya she is a vampire becuz edward saved her from dieing

  21. ronin6401 says:

    So if Edward’s a vampire and Jacob’s a werewolf…is Bella a zombie? Because her mouth’s always open and she never displays any emotions

  22. BrunaPaulina1703 says:

    watch?v=S5O-u7THocI can you guys please chack out my bella video,it would mean a lot to me <3 thanks!

  23. leeloo9999 says:

    Love your video even if I can’t stand Céline

  24. WazzuppMusic says:

    Is Kristen Stewart a bit of a drip of just a bad actor?

  25. sparklefunxoxo says:

    such a good impression of her! hahaha

  26. Ziggmiester797 says:

    What about the white powder?

  27. 16Jdrake says:

    omg this is hillarious

  28. TEALSHUFFLER says:

    I -3 you and this video lol too funny

  29. docli1313 says:

    AAAHHHHHH I w as forced to watch the twilight saga with my nice.. I almost slit my wrist.. But I love ur take on her make up..please where can I get werewolf dick eye shadow.. I’ll give all my money,,O Iv taped my nice to the chair , and I’m forcing her to watch this video for 2 freaking hours!!!!

  30. TheUsername1824 says:

    Wowww this is really original lol

  31. “he could smell her period and wanted to eat her from the pussy up…” lmaoooooooooooooooo

  32. Mallecool says:

    omg this is so awesome! looove you and your completly right! i actually loved here, i still do… or not love like here,

  33. thecat11112 says:

    Lololololo soooo funny hey, question why was ur neck green? Anyways luv ur vids!!

  34. danncingpenny123 says:

    It’s called Freaky Fetus!

  35. SAYGOODBYE33 says:

    I love you!! Your funny 🙂

  36. mirroronthewall44 says:

    i love your blush….oh i mean lipstick??


  38. MumpkinMemoe says:

    He wanted to eat her from the pussy up!! Phaha. She’s great! :))

  39. chopopcherubii says:

    when you were describing how she talks, i was dying laughing.

  40. iChristinaGina says:

    its called freaky fetus… hahahaha

  41. bargainbitch says:

    you are so funny i wish i was like you!

  42. ninhuntress says:

    OMG! I love you! you are sooooo funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! XD

  43. kitiwiti says:

    lavvettt! but i wouldnt choose that shiny yellow-nude lip color for freaky fetus hehe

  44. alilou0703 says:

    Okay… :L

  45. lilgraciejj says:

    holy chizz i love this shit XD!!!!!

  46. StephieSilenceREAL says:

    “And he wants to eat her from the pussy up!”

  47. DeannalynnJewel123 says:

    Omgosh that just made me laugh Edward and her period lol xD

  48. rihannafan16ify says:

    @PurpleAssCheeks99 interesting screename o.O lol

  49. itsdalights says:

    my left ear enjoyed this

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