Mar 25, 2012

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Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) In Photoshop [vampire]

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) In Photoshop [vampire]

OF COURRSE, as soon as I put up the Emily Browning video, I find out that Kristen Stewart is actually the one OFFICIALLY casted as Bella. Well, I just had to do this. I’m not sure if I’m happy with it though. Yeah, not so much, but that’s ‘kay. Song is Cursive Eve by i:priscilla
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“We’re gonna go somewhere… Alone” “Don’t do this…” “I gotta go, so I can’t hurt you anymore” Desc: “The sweet turning sour and untouchable” This video focuses on the blank pages in New Moon where we don’t read, feel, or have anything from Bella but the time that passes.

  1. azrock95 says:

    He used maybe HyperCam HyperCam is something you download at

  2. Pumpkin112000 says:

    what did you use to record?

  3. the2009guy says:

    @betsypickfordfree If it’s possible, Kristen Stewart is an f-ing looker!. BTW when you become a vampire you don’t get any better looking, it’s just that you gain charm. you become hypnotising, and you can magnetize people by looking into their eyes, people can’t refuse you that way. your skin becomes more slick (and paler, obviously), maybe but you don’t gain any better looks. so that’s why they are seemingly better looking

  4. kuliklecks says:

    In the middle of the video she really does look like a vampire , but in the end it seems like she’s a corpse.

  5. XHotPinkPunkX says:

    she looks sick. I think she needs to eat or something lol

  6. lilsexybabyv says:

    what did software did you use and how do u do that to record what you aare doing

  7. CallMeCalista1 says:

    Yea what version?

  8. MetRoStaRLiGhT says:

    hi.. may I know what version of photoshop are you using ? 🙂

  9. Anney1834 says:

    Well, to start out with, yeah. I guess it works either way.

  10. @Anney1834 Nono, the book says that the eyes are red, not yellow.

  11. ParamorexLovexMusic says:

    @betsypickfordfree true.. but she is already too pretty <3 😉

  12. BettaFishCare11 says:

    @KatieRocks700 that specific picture, she had died her hair blonde. 🙂

  13. heystephen018 says:

    I LOVE IT!

  14. Anney1834 says:

    @IsJulito Yellow eyes cause the Cullens have yellow eyes, of course. XD

  15. Ladybugg2000 says:

    could u do a tutorial :O?

  16. Jennyfurliljohn says:

    She looks like the walking dead, like a vampire, but she’s pretty!:)

  17. cooltubez says:

    watch this one its way better!!!


  18. Ladybugg2000 says:

    @KatieRocks700 ya ik i think twilight doesnt do a good job of making them look good and dead xD and the sparkling i dont think they did a good job on that either 😛

  19. XxMixieGirlxX says:

    I like it 😀

  20. BuildingAnArmy says:

    check my one out. i think its better than this one.

  21. IsJulito says:


  22. cooltubez says:

    she looks more like a zombie..

  23. DeathlyBlueRose13 says:

    You’re amazing! But she’s supposed to be beautiful as Alice, Jasper, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle so we have to get another person to play her vampire part.

  24. sillygirl505 says:

    Ôyftŷæ baü

  25. XxKeepFaithxX says:


  26. BakunyaBurberry says:

    so wonderful
    what`s the song, tell, please:))

  27. Because everyone decided to jump on the “Hate-on-Twilight” band wagon as a general trend thing, I have no one to enjoy these books or movies with. So, seeing other Twilight fans out there is a comfort. Plus, it goes without mentioning, how well you put Twilight vids together.

  28. BakunyaBurberry says:

    So sad video..

  29. loveisforeverGosh says:

    Wow, i love this vid!! ç_ç So sweet and sad.

  30. laravddungen says:

    yeez, this is goooooooooooood!!

  31. SmokeyFiizz says:

    @AdmirerofMusic yup, it’s from POTO :]

  32. AdmirerofMusic says:

    If I haven’t already commented this I’m stupid…lol. It is vidding perfection. Just one question…the part where the rose drops (1:10), I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s from POTO?

  33. I love your videos. Simply beautiful.

  34. BabyDolphinGirl says:

    Wow, this isn’t like any of the twilight vids I’ve seen. You’ve done it so beautifully, I feel the pain she’s feeling. @0:26 that scene wasn’t originally twilight’s but could you tell me which movie it’s from? thanks.

  35. dazzled2468 says:

    this video is better and expresses a lot more feelings than the movie itself.
    great job!

  36. MJTwiilight says:

    This video made my cry.
    That explanes how i feel about this video. Even though, it was short i so felt the lyrics and juts..amazing!”

  37. Very nice.

  38. brilliant

  39. PazTerrones5 says:

    I like this clip check out the whole movie @ locomov (dot) com

  40. tinimaus9189 says:

    this is natalie merchant “my skin”

  41. HisEternalSoulmate says:

    Omg I love this vid!!
    So beautiful… I can’t even describe it :’)

  42. oh my god!!
    i’ve got goose pimples <3

  43. I love this song <3

  44. cutie5331 says:

    How do you make these kind of videos?? i need to know!!!

  45. puddingpie2993 says:

    what song is it?? i really like it 😀 great video, well made 🙂

  46. NcisKaitlin says:

    u have made some of the best twilight vds i have ever seen!!!

  47. KatieLynneDavis says:

    Okay, wow. That was amazing. It was beautiful. Kudos.

  48. cheetahsrock1001 says:

    this is so good and wonderful

  49. amasocialworker says:

    it’s the most beautiful video i’ve seen by now, the song fits the movie perfectly just like the video. you’ve done a great job, it’s amazing that you could capture the essence of new moon long before it was ever in theatres. so thank you, it brought me to tears

  50. RoamingD says:

    this is wonderful!

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