Mar 25, 2012

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Comic Con 2009: The Twilight Saga New Moon Part 6

Comic Con 2009: The Twilight Saga New Moon Part 6

The director and stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon take the Hall H stage. Brought to you by Hall H Coverage.
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  1. mrslautner13ful says:

    weird how the top comments are the same

  2. FatimaJenevadf800 says:


  3. tomchenet says:

    hihi Always a good time with me 

  4. meganwhitewhtie says:

    ehm Be ready to jump to the world full of pleasure

  5. JaneneSammievf891 says:

    ehm let me show you how far i can go

  6. RiRiNavy1 says:

    his face is so funny when he says they do the same thing i do

  7. YangLourara729 says:

    also Lets rock baby

  8. KylieZadatq250 says:

    hihi I’m beautiful, attractive, sensual and artistic!

  9. sheashealicious12345 says:


  10. 176charlotteMore1545 says:

    hm I am a Hot 18 Girl and I am here to have fun

  11. HappyOreo97 says:

    I love that analogy rob! <3

  12. CammieKJS says:

    Rob and Kristen were so texting each other, lmao

  13. Lisha506 says:

    @youcheatyouwin does it actually work like as soon as you unlock the page from those stupid offer things? x

  14. youcheatyouwin says:

    Twilight breaking dawn is the best movie ever! I love the books and the movies the characters are soo amazing! But breaking dawn wow!! its been out online for a few days, its pretty good quality – bit.lyBreakingDawnPT2 xx

  15. summer3262 says:

    You can actually see Rob ast 1:19 he was so texing K-stew..and at 3:08 as well!

  16. summer3262 says:

    You can actually see Rob ast 1:19 he was so texing K-stew..

  17. cutecumber99 says:


  18. zebra101Krissy says:

    At 4:53 I love Taylors face lol

  19. HotCelebGuys101 says:

    I LUV CHRIS!!!!!!!!HE IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!And the rest of the cast is 2,especally 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The top two comments are the same, practically.

  21. Kobato19S says:

    I reeally love & make me dazzle when he sais REALLY?

  22. Crookshanksxx says:

    aww♥ ;D

  23. tumblechick15 says:

    lol Rob and Kristen are texting the whole time its sooo obvious! The smiles they give eachother are just adroable 🙂 <3 Robsten forever!!!

  24. AuntyEm14 says:

    I laughed my head off at Rob’s analogy! “You’re walking along the street and you step on a little stone and it just kind of flies away and you have no idea where its going and then you’re just trying not to drown afterwards” ROFL.

  25. BlackprettyStewash says:

    Look Rob at 1:05, and at 1:22, OMG!!!Robsten <3
    And the MOST FUNNY moment..? At 2:07, "YOU ARE SEXY!!!"

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