Mar 25, 2012

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Comic Con 2009: The Twilight Saga New Moon Part 7

Comic Con 2009: The Twilight Saga New Moon Part 7

The director and stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon take the Hall H stage. Brought to you by Hall H Coverage.

  1. TwiSteffeline says:

    My birthday is on november 20, and i became a fan of Twilight since New Moon, that is no coincidence !!!

  2. bellajacklil says:

    Im a huge twilight fan, but some of these fans are soooo annoying. Why do you have to scream and and yell, “YOUR SO HOT, YOUR SO SEXY!!” they’ve heard all that a million times. I know some of those girls are around my age. Just listen to them speak, thats why your thier right? It just makes you seem so childish. Im sure some of those comments make them uncomfortable, I dunno im done complaining- i cant wait till this dies down in a few years.

  3. jannleeb says:

    the audience just kept screaming and screaming omg. kristen is normally figet for all her interviews and she runs her hands through he hair, she’s just nervous and i fine that humbling of her. i was happy to see ashley as apart of the panel this time around.

  4. youcheatyouwin says:

    I just love twilight, all the books and the whole twilight world. Stephenie meyer is a goddam genius, I just watched the latest (breaking dawn 2) and WOW all i can say is im blown away, dont wanna ruin it for anyone so if you want to see it for yourself check it out here – bit.lyBreakingDawnPT2

  5. MrsCullenJankowski says:

    If Kristen took drugs she wouldn’t look as good as she does today. It’s just really hard to talk in front of millions of people, all of them staring at you. Just imagine it. That’s why she’s kind of jittery and stuttering, she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing. I love her for it!!!!

  6. CuteArielXOX says:

    Since people barley say this I’m going to because she plays an important role in Twilight. Without her who would we live through and pretend we’re with rob jk (Lol some people actually do that) So without further do TEAM KRISTEN!!! Wow it took a lot for me to get that out :S jk lol

  7. CuteArielXOX says:

    @scullen2009 LOL That’s so true listen closely to 0:42. I think Robert sent it because of his facial expression when the camra’s on him again. XD

  8. christinainthecity says:

    @rocketgirl018 I totally understand, but I guess I would`ve screamed a little bit myself, haha. When I was on a Taylor Swift concert in march I never expected I would scream so much in my entire life, so it`s a totally different feeling actually being THERE and watching this at home:)

  9. scullen2009 says:

    I think rob & kristen were texting each other lol team edward (:

  10. Baronstone says:

    @littleody Yes he is a good actor, they are all good actors. Kristen has always been nervous and Robert is a wannabe hermit so it makes sense

  11. HNS19882766 says:

    yes it is so does kristen

  12. so we are gonna have about 10 movies cool! , your gonna make billions lol smart! another harry potter direction .

  13. jazziscool123 says:

    @lighthouse2224 Wtf shes not a lesbian. Its her look is for a role

  14. HotCelebGuys101 says:

    @barbangeleyes Kristen influenced Rob…I say dat cuz if u look @ previous interviews Kristen did it nd Rob didnt then Rob started to do it too.

  15. barbangeleyes says:

    Taylor’s hair just makes u want to touch each.. as 4 Rob and Kristen’s detail for running their hands through their hair.. its just a habbit that they both have.. i think its because they spend soo much time 2gether and they ar both private.. its just wat they do.. put i think some1 influenced some1.. that my point of view

  16. 5:29 so cute ♥ I love Kristen and Ashley ^^

  17. fanfarex1 says:

    Kristen was totally Joan Jett there! You go girl!!!

  18. MyChocolate321 says:

    i love taylor

  19. fanfarex1 says:

    Kristen was totally in character as Joan Jett when she did this panel. Its amazing to see the difference in the abilities of a stellar and naturally talented actor and an average actor. I agree with Rob, she’s just better than the rest. Sorry haters!

  20. racethetube says:

    @littleody Kristen has nervous problems because she smokes to calm them. She has to cleanse and get fit.

  21. maggokaggoerabbo says:

    i think that kristin does not fit in this movie ;s

  22. Sigsag12 says:

    Kristen is such a serious actress! Her style changes completely everytime she’s preparing herself for a new character.. It’s like she IS Joan Jett here.. And she looks totally different again now…

  23. TheDanigirl514 says:

    kristin and robert are always messing with their hair and littleody you r right kristin is not on drugs

  24. TheAmaul says:

    i wish Taylor would have said stay with me forever in Quiluete

  25. Premeerxoxo says:

    Aww Rob is so Cute. Chris talks while he talks and Rob acts like he commited a crime and leans back. He is such a gentle man.

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