Mar 25, 2012

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Eclipse Book Review

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Best Seller

Point of View: 1st person through Bella’s eyes

Pages: 629 pages

Age Recommendations: 16 and up, some material is too adult for younger readers.

Main Characters: Isabella “Bella” Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black

Plot: As Bella nears High School Graduation, Seattle is being ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and has everyone in the small town of forks on edge. As Graduation nears, Bella’s best friend, Jacob Black, confesses his undying love for her as Edward is trying to protect her. After graduation, the werewolves and the vampires unite to fight a pack of newly created vampires out for Bella’s blood, but there is something more dangerous that is after Bella. While they are waiting for the battle to begin, Jacob tricks Bella into kissing him, and in that one kiss, Bella realizes that she not only loves Jacob Black, but she is in love with him. After the kiss, Jacob runs off the fight with his werewolves and Bella is left to deal with the implications this new knowledge brings. Edward isn’t mad she kissed him and only wants her to be happy. Jacob gets injured in the battle and Bella realizes that she has to choose who to be with. As she visits Jacob in La Push she realizes that she can’t live without Edward and tells Jacob that she is going to marry Edward and get changed into a vampire.

Impressions: The most pivotal plot development is when Bella realizes what she will really be giving up being with Edward. Meyers does a superb job portraying Bella’s inner conflicts between Jacob and Edward. You really see Bella start to mature a little more and think about the consequences of her actions. Eclipse is a pivotal novel in the Twilight series. Definitely worth the time.

Itsagoodday Star Rating: 5 Stars

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