Mar 25, 2012

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Eclipse Party Ideas For Twilight Saga Fans

Twilight Saga Eclipse Party Ideas are going to be a popular party theme for Twilight Saga fans. It’s time to host movie release parties for Eclipse, the third movie adapted from the Twilight Saga. Written by Stephenie Meyer this four book series tells us a about a human and vampire romance.

Bella Swan just moved to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona to spend some time with her dad, Charlie. Edward Cullen is a resident of Forks and he is a little different from the rest of the boys in town. He is a little older than his fellow high school students. Edward was born in 1901. Edward Cullen is a vampire.

The Saga tells us the continuing love story between Bella and Edward. And we find out that it is not just vampires out there. There are werwolves too. They live just outside of Forks in the Quileute Indian Reservation. Who knew there were so many, ahh, different kinds of people around.

With the release of the third book in movie form it is time for an Eclipse release movie party. New Eclipse theme movie supplies are coming out so you can decorate for your party. Alice, the Cullen family party planner, would love to get her hands on these beautiful party supplies. Alice plans all the parties in the Twilight Saga and she gets to plan Bella and Edward’s wedding too.

You can use DVD boxes and book covers to decorate your party room. There is a vampire and werewolf chess set that would look great on a party table. Use apples, ribbons and twinkle lights to decorate your party room. There are so many ideas you can take right from the movies and the books to help you decorate. The colors? Black and red, just like all the book covers.

Plan lots of team party games. Split your guests into two teams, Team Edward for Edward Cullen fans and Team Jacob for Jacob Black fans. You games can be relay races and physical challenges or they can be trivia championships. Either will fit in perfectly with Twilight Saga party ideas.

You can play the Twilight movie soundtracks for the perfect party music selections. You can also play the DVDs of Twilight and New Moon movies during your party. Call it a Twilight Movie Marathon. Plan it right around the time you and all your friends will be going out to see Eclipse in the theaters.

Eclipse brings Victoria back into the picture. She is angry because Edward killed her lover, James. Victoria believes she should take an eye for an eye. Edward killed her mate, so she will kill his. That means the bad vamps are after Bella again. That girl just can not get away from killer vampires. But with Edward and Jacob to keep her safe, Bella lives through Eclipse. Even when a visit from the Volturi is involved. It seems the ancient Italian vamps also have a sore spot for Bella.

So, you can see why an Eclipse party is a must for Twilight Saga fans…Bella lives…at least for now. Twilight has captivated females from thirteen to sixty, and I am one of them. It is a wonderful story and I cannot wait to see Eclipse the movie. So I am going to get my party supplies and game ideas ready and invite my vampire saga loving friends over for some fun and games.

Get the blood red butter ready to put on some popcorn and make some yummy bloody red punch for a vampire based Eclipse party. All wonderful vampire party recipe ideas…anything red and bloody is a good choice. Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse are all wonderful party ideas for Stephenie Meyer Twilight Saga fans.

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