Mar 25, 2012

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Kristen Stewart’s Custom Vans

Kristen Stewart’s Custom Vans – Click for more info! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Hey you. Coming at you from Hollywood, I’m Dana Ward and right now on ClevverTV, we’ve got the latest dish on how Hollywood is doing good. This round Kristen Stewart got the helping fever and designed her own pair of Vans in the name of Vans Custom Culture. It’s an outreach program that raises money for education art programs. To break it down, the Twilight star stayed true to her simple signature style. It looks like she took a black permanent marker and scratched her initials on the white canvas sneakers. A bunch of stars have participated to get the word out — including also one of our fave gals Lucy Hale — and in the end, one school will win a 50-thousand dollar donation if one of its student wins the design contest. There are a bunch of details, if you’re interested, so check out the link in the info section below if you want to enter. And for more contest updates, be sure to follow us at I’m Dana Ward, see you soon!

Kristen Stewart lunch at Hanawa restaurant in Paris between shooting for Vanity Fair in Café Germain
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  1. dbindianasolo says:

    It looks like she realized last minute that she had completely forgotten to do this, and just drew this up in two seconds. I mean, seriously? 🙁

  2. chichigirrl2 says:

    old vans+aluminum foil=0:28
    tsk tsk Kristen. Seriously. Seeing how well dressed you look at Red Carpet events, I am disappointed. And i called you (one of my many) fashion icons.

  3. kristen0stewart4ever says:

    FUCK YOU, KRISTEN HATERS, GO TO HELL!!!!! KS ROCKS!!! Those shoes were awesome!!

  4. TeganxSara says:

    Wow, theres lots of Kristen haters in here.
    Apparently you don’t know that Kristen is not really outgoing shes quiet,simple,serious.. totally like me!!

    Calling her lazy.. Wow she just likes the simple stuff.
    I love her shoes!

  5. theallyluche says:

    Ok. Wow.

  6. loveandburgers says:

    I think she really did care about it.. If she didn’t then she would’ve got someone else to do it and it would’ve came out all colourful and detailed and shit.. But her design was simple and straight to the point, maybe it had deeper meaning.. You’re all just to shallow to notice. But that’s from an artist’s point of view, right? Or she probably WAS just lazy. xD

  7. babybre14 says:

    She’s lazy as fuck!
    You can tell that she didn’t really care!

  8. DramaticChic13 says:

    Haha cute

  9. reubenjohnkid says:

    @asmile949 Pretty Little Liars hun.

  10. asmile949 says:

    Who was that Lucy chick?

  11. SangtotheDy says:

    of course she would come up with something that lame.

  12. peaceskate7 says:

    .hahahaha OMG that’s just …ughh she’s lazy

  13. KoolKenza says:

    those shoes suck lol
    even i can do that. a little creativity wouldnt have been so bad XD

  14. violetslover34 says:

    Theres nothing wrong with simplicity bu even i could make those shoes

  15. yaymelucky13 says:

    OMG. -_-

  16. KeandraBennett94 says:

    She’s such a hipster lmaoo

  17. SingerRobinson1 says:

    there so plane tbo i thought they would be a lot more creative cause she all ways can come up with a good fashion trend

  18. TheSuperFlufyUnicorn says:

    Those aren’t custom -_- I can do that with a sharpie to white vans

  19. ImagineMae says:

    Simple is exactly what she did shows her personality

  20. ValerialovesUnicorns says:

    @Chloooooooooe No.

  21. ValerialovesUnicorns says:

    She’s not simple she’s lazy -_____-

  22. ValerialovesUnicorns says:

    EWWWWWW. -______-

  23. KatBirdie3 says:

    .. is that all she put on the shoes ? I love Kristen Stewart .. but just putting that on the shoes is disapointing . :/

  24. ellegabri28 says:

    Kristen Stewart is the queen I swear..

  25. Lama Alklbosah says:

    she is so sweet when she sign for her fans <3 u rock kristen

  26. Oohlaful says:

    @GirlFromHellPhoebe ya she does need to get a life… 

  27. Apollo3709 says:

    good for her, paparazi are fucking stalkers if they did what they do to anyone who isn’t an actor they would be living behind bars for a very long time…

  28. juliet9347 says:

    if she dont like the attention she should of stayed away from acting.. she should be gratful they are giving her the attention, shes not that great an actor as it is.. enjoy it while you can Kristen.

  29. ispèce di counasse!

  30. bukkake999 says:

    Even Kristen’s death threats are cute “Freeze to Death” loool…

  31. BipolareStoerung says:

    @tbdance16 Really? Then she is nothing but a dumb naive fuck.

  32. tammmmus says:

    @tbdance16 YEAH WHAT SHE SAID!

  33. tbdance16 says:

    @mslorraine You’re kidding me, right? She HAS been through that MULTIPLE times. You try going through all this shit everyday and “thank the paps” for filming you.

  34. tbdance16 says:

    @BipolareStoerung last time i checked, she wasn’t aware of how famous she would become after signing up for the movie. Deal with it or stop fucking insulting her for no fucking reason. 

  35. bluecatfish says:

    @luxysuicide Great description, but I love her more!

  36. JustineKooples says:

    J’adore Kristen Stewart, elle prend toujours le temps de signer des autographes et de prendre des photos avec ses fans ! et sa peut de stars le font, elle est juste merveilleuse et bien plus que cela !

  37. Crollization says:

    I like kristen, but she looked like a child her. I can’t imagine how her life must be (maybe hell) so who am i to judge.

  38. moskaheartsmusic says:

    wonder how much the paparazzi’s make? LOL im just curios.

  39. 1rayman2 says:

    @screamingscarlette Oh and if you don’t care for Kristen as an actress why are you even here?

  40. 1rayman2 says:

    @screamingscarlette Kristen doesn’t need to do pretend to be happy for anyone. Being thankful for you career and being thankful for paparazzi following you around everywhere you go are two completely different things. Also, Kristen was doing movies long before Twilight and appeared to be just fine with how it was before. Notice how she didn’t stop doing indie movies when she received her “Twilight” fame. She doesn’t need paps to know she has an audience.

  41. neosoontoretro says:

    @macgillacuddy In what comments have I used profanity or exclamation marks? You would have to show them to me. And no you’re wrong I haven’t participated by merely watching the video because I’m not advocating such behavior. And yes you’re accusing me because you’re making comments about me without any real evidence. And for your information I only watched the entire video once.

  42. macgillacuddy says:

    @neosoontoretro Touche.  Your opinion should be heard as should everyone else’s.
    The manner of delivery is always important.

  43. macgillacuddy says:

    @neosoontoretro I am not accusing you, I’m saying it flat out. This is another example. & reading the rest of your numerous responses to other people which have included profanity I think shows your hostility is pronounced. You watched the videos which are filmed by SOMEBODY and then posted here. Therefore, you have participated in compromising Ms. Stewarts privacy – you have violated it by watching it & participating in that invasion. That is my opinion. No profanity, no exclamation marks.

  44. neosoontoretro says:

    @macgillacuddy I’m able to agree to disagree but that doesn’t mean that my point shouldn’t be heard.

  45. neosoontoretro says:

    @macgillacuddy You’re the one who practically called me a bully first and also showed animosity towards Kristen.Yet I’m the only one showing hostility?And for your information I watched these videos to see what all the fuss was about. And as usual it was about nothing. Before you accuse others of being hostile you might want to look in the mirror first.

  46. macgillacuddy says:

    @neosoontoretro Why are you so hostile? Who are you to tell anyone to grow up? You’re intolerant of diversity which is a sign of immaturity. I’m not the one bullying people with a differing opinion. You think papps are hostile yet you show plenty of hostility yourself. & if Ms. Kristen’s privacy shouldn’t be invaded by media then why are you watching these videos & perpetuating the problem? Try & accept diversity of opinion. I disagree with you & that’s OK- it’s not the end of the world.

  47. 1rayman2 says:

    @screamingscarlette But why does she have to like the paparazzi in order to “appreciate her fame”? The fact that they were waiting for her outside a restaurant so they can rush her with snapshots is being intrusive. In addition Kristen was very nice to her fans did you not see her sign autographs and take pictures with them?

  48. screamingscarlette says:


    By the way, I don’t particularly dislike her, I just think she doesn’t
    appreciate her fame. Those particular paparazzi did NOTHING
    wrong. Maybe they have been intrusive in the past, but, that doesn’t
    give her a right to be a bitch to EVERY pap she sees. They were
    polite and FREEZING. As were her fans. While she sat in that
    cafe eating and being warm, they froze just to spend two seconds
    in her presence. She could have been nicer. That’s all.

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