Mar 25, 2012

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Meet Me On The Equinox \ [w/film footage] (Video)

Meet Me On The Equinox \ [w/film footage] (Video)

© 2009 WMG Meet Me On The Equinox \ [w/film footage] (Video)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Twilight New Moon Cast Update Follow Us – Film junkies across the globe are still recovering from this years most anticipated movie-Twilight-it came in with a punch and didnt disappoint! And now were hearing that we wont have to wait very long to revisit our favorite vampires! Insiders are reporting that the Twilight sequel New Moon is set to rise in less than a year—with a tentative release date of November 20, 2009. So what can we expect to see? Well, what we do know for sure is that the film will be headed up by a new director. Chris Weitz, who is well-known for his CGI work, will be leading the young cast. And while thats very exciting, what fans are most curious about is the character of Jacob. Will Taylor Lautner be reprising his role or will it go to someone else? Apparently, Lautner is set to meet with the films new director this week to discuss whether or not he is capable of continuing the role of Jacob. Ever since Lautner landed the Twilight gig, some have insisted that he isnt physically appropriate, and that he doesnt have the bulk it takes to portray a character going through a supernatural maturation. Lautners also being criticized for his babyface and movie-makers doubt his ability to play a rugged ware wolf. Co-star Ashley Greene fires back on his behalf saying that she doesnt really understand the dilemma. She says that she also dealt with a backlash after playing a character thats supposed to 4-foot-10. Greene states that if Lautner must go
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. mdewitt265 says:

    Holy Crap!! Who knew Zach Galifianakis plays bass for Death Cab!

  2. xslapthecookiex says:

    So many memories XD

  3. veggieclaire says:

    I hate the advertisements before the song!!!! 

  4. jola110176 says:

    8,217 likes for death cab, 234 dislikes for Twilight… you know its true ;)

  5. blackdiamond808 says:

    Other than Decode by Paramore, this is the next best song on any of the soundtracks. Bruno Mars is definitely third.

  6. ScrapBrainZone says:

    When I went to see Death Cab, Ben said himself that he doesn’t like the Twilight series and he doesn’t like to associate this song with it. They’re just trying to pay the bills like the rest of us.

  7. spacefreak09 says:

    Such a great song; such a stupid series.

  8. isingfashion says:

    @horrorpilating it hasn’t ended yet…

  9. japaneseshowsrule says:

    @japaneseshowsrule Sorry. That thing is supposed to be a sad face. Like this>>>>>>>> :,-(

  10. japaneseshowsrule says:

    @horrorpilating  Yep……..Too Bad……..Because it’s the same way with life. :,-(

  11. AsIRecall13 says:

    Love the song, if not the movie.

  12. carpedeim says:

    This song has more emotion than any of the twilight movies put together.

  13. bubblegum6261 says:

    @Ihasbac0n Amen!

  14. bubblegum6261 says:

    Every Twilight Fan that Whined about the video not having the film’s footage,
    Shut The Fuck Up! It’s there song they can do whatever the hell they want with it sure it’s in the soundtrack but don’t hate the band.

  15. @lemonade2012ale hey it’s almost recent… 3 years is not that much to say “still”… wait at list 10y. You can say thumbs up if you still love this song in 2012 if you’re listenting to ramones or nirvana for example or… to the power ranger’s first intro but not somenthig so recent IMHO 😐

  16. LowercasePray says:

    Why doesn’t this have more views?

  17. lowflipinrain says:

    @horrorpilating AMEN!

  18. Thumbs up if you hate Twilight to death, but you just LOVE this song.

  19. AZianPursuaZion24 says:

    hate twilight but love this song

  20. TheFlumpsi says:

    this song + gotye + lana del rey = AWESOME PLAYLIST

  21. mizzZcullen18 says:

    i like both song and the twilight movies, i dont see why everyone ends up arguing its silly. 

  22. metalbaby123 says:

    @Gggmanlives I block the Twilight relationship… the song in itself is very poignant in its own right.

  23. nowupdate says:

    Hey if you love Edward Cullen Watch The Video 2girls1cup
    (google it) 😉

  24. chewyclit11 says:

    awful song. how did i ever like this band

  25. justmyluckkitty says:


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  27. nayakadon says:

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