Jan 12, 2012

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New Branded Entertainment Service Provides Marketers with Greater Visibility and Direct Access to Hollywood and TV Product Placement Exposure

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) September 9, 2010

For marketers and agencies looking for greater visibility into the world of branded entertainment OppTrak, http://www.opptrak.com, is a new online and interactive service that provides prior knowledge, insider access and direct connection with industry opportunities and decision makers that previously they could only hope for.

The newly-launched centralized and self-serve OppTrak.com branded entertainment directory is backed by industry specialists PropStar, who have taken a decade of entertainment marketing experience and bundled it up into an easy-to-use and one-of-a-kind marketing resource.

Packed with great contacts and opportunities with leading international studios and production companies, OppTrak provides all the information needed to assess different projects, make decisions; then directly connect with entertainment providers through the system.

Opportunities include free prop product placement, paid brand integration, online integrations, release-time promotions, sponsorship deals and celebrity events. Opportunities are presented in a brand-ready format, with all relevant details such as target demographic, talent, synopsis, release date, release markets, shoot locations and audience history clearly broken out.

PropStar director Nancie Tear said that the directory is designed to enable marketers and agencies to engage in the branded entertainment space quickly and cost-effectively. Spending on product placement and branded entertainment has been growing rapidly over the last decade, with that growth forecast to continue in 2011. There is a great opportunity here for agencies not currently working in this sector to develop innovative marketing that extends the services they offer their clients.

She also said that one of the reasons prompting the services development was the sheer number and variety of different shows available and the marketing reach now possible across different platforms.

There are tons of interesting shows being made. But which ones do you chose? OppTrak gives marketers that broader view into whats available, to make you feel more comfortable with the decisions that you make. Branded entertainment is a proven marketing vehicle that reaches specific demographics and builds worldwide awareness through being integrated into engaging and entertaining content. It is not as expensive to execute deals as people may imagine, in fact this is one of the most affordable marketing areas on offer.

Agencies and their clients can leverage PropStars depth of experience in implementing product placement and brand integration representing major global brands including Yahoo!, Dell Computers, Alienware Computers, D-Link Systems and Cadbury Adams; and working with popular productions and programs including 24, The Big Bang Theory, Twilight: New Moon, Desperate Housewives, CSI New York, Live Free or Die Hard, NCIS Los Angeles, ER, and The Sopranos.

The OppTrak directory allows subscribers to search different shows and the brand integration, product placement, promotional, sponsorship and endorsement concepts that these shows offer, quickly and easily. They can then get in touch directly with the right people through the directory. As subscribers, they are continually alerted to all of the different opportunities that match their criteria.

Tear said, One of the reasons for the popularity of this area is that it really does work and is very competitively priced. One client told us that for their marketing spend, it was like winning the lottery, their brand was on the screen for so long.

Opportunities are sourced through our contacts with film, television and music producers in North America and Europe and the emerging markets of Bollywood and Asia. As the saying goes, its all about who you know, and who youve worked with. Weve opened up our network so you can locate and develop projects for your brand.

Tear said that the flexible service equips marketers to either go it solo with an affordable do it yourself option; or to call on PropStars specialist support to guide them through strategizing, making approaches and handling negotiations.

OppTrak covers branded entertainment and product placement areas ranging from feature films, network and cable television, music, web TV programming and videos; to music concert tours, film festivals, celebrity parties and promotions. For more information, please visit http://www.opptrak.com.

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