Nov 22, 2011

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New Website Teaches People How to Reach Full Potential Through Self-Discipline

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 17, 2011

According To Fitness Expert, Bell Camino – the biggest reason people fail in their efforts to lose weight and get in shape boils down to one simple reason they dont want it enough. Anyone can craft their body into a fine specimen of man (or woman) kind, if they want it badly enough.

People fail at achieving their best bodies because they want other things more. For instance, people who try to lose weight but are unsuccessful are essentially saying that while, yes, they want to lose weight, in reality, they want to eat more, says Bell Camino, founder of What’s My Potential.

People succeed at the things they want the most. At Whats My Potential, people can learn how to make their actions match their wants. Without taking steps to make dreams and wishes come true, a person will grow stagnant and ultimately fail in their quest at self-improvement.

Because sometimes what happens is if they want a ripped abdomen (find out how you can use the Taylor Lautner Workout to achieve this) , they sometimes forget this fact want when something like a huge mug of beer and big batch of nachos is set before them in the bar.

So, maybe the key to success is having constant reminders of just what people want the most. This can help in all areas of a persons life. It all boils down to self-discipline, Camino says. He gives examples of what people can do to achieve their full potential on his website.

There are many techniques and methods that help people tackle the issues that might be holding them back, he says.

Self-discipline is one of the keys to success in any area of a persons life, Camino says.

For instance, this same theory can be applied to spending money. A man who has a limited budget and yet shops until they spend every last penny in his pocket, can derive more satisfaction from his spending if he follows this same concept.

Instead of mindlessly shopping, the man needs to make a list of what he wants to buy the most. Every time he sees something he wants to buy, he should check and see if its on his list.

Just by looking at that list and reminding himself of what he really wants, the man already has more self-discipline in his spending habits.

The same theory applies to building a better body (read how to get use the Jessica Biel Workout to get the body of your dreams). Constant reminders of just what a person wants his or her body to look like helps motivate that person and gives he or she an added boost of self-discipline in this area.

The founder of What’s My Potential gets this. Bell Camino has taught hundreds of people how to reach his or her full potential with methods such as the one described above and on his website. Men who never dreamed they would have the bodies they do today credit their success to Preston and his methods.

The What’s My Potential website is continually updated with new information that will help guide people into reaching their full potential. Find out more at:


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