Nov 27, 2011

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Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Clouds Healthy Age-Gap Male Relationships

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 10, 2011

Sex scandals involving older men preying on boys and young men discredit healthy male-male age-gap relationships in the public mind, says Joseph Dispenza, author of the new book, “Older Man/Younger Man: A Love Story.”

The book is a memoir of the first ten years of award-winning author Dispenza’s relationship with a young man 30 years his junior. Dispenza was 55 when they met; his partner was 25.

“Whenever pedophile sex scandals, such as the one at Penn State University, hit the headlines, it reinforces a bias in our culture against age-gap relationships,” Dispenza says.

Certainly, what happened at Penn State and what went on in so many church sacristies between grown men and children is deplorable and immoral, Dispenza says.

“But every time a new scandal is uncovered, it shines a disapproving light on all relationships between men who love across generations.

New Book: An Unusual Relationship Between Men 30 Years Apart

Imagine: George Clooney and Robert Pattinson (“Twilight” Saga) meet in a coffee shop, are attracted to one another, and-despite the 30-year difference in their ages and notwithstanding the shock of family and friends-decide to spend the rest of their lives together in a relationship that will profoundly deepen their spiritual lives.

“Older Man/Younger Man: A Love Story,” by award-winning author Joseph Dispenza, is a memoir of the relationship between a middle-aged man and a man thirty years his junior, from their first meeting, through the challenges of living together across a wide age-gap, to a climactic confession of shame and regret, the terror of loss from a life-threatening disease-and, ultimately, the triumph of love.

This is a passionate, bittersweet story of a powerful love that transcends gender, bridges generations, defies convention, and brings to the partners the richness of spiritual fulfillment.

“Older Man/Younger Man” is the first book to address an inter-generational gay male relationship as a path of spiritual redemption. What makes this book unique and special is its presentation of the pairing between an older man and a much younger man as a healthy, successful relationship and as a spiritual journey.

Early Reviews

A groundbreaking book – a stunningly beautiful and universal story of love, courage, and faith. – Robin Easton, author of “Naked in Eden”

A compelling story, beautifully rendered, that will enlighten and surprise you about a topic that you might even consider a mild taboo. – “Susan Page, author of The 8 Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive”

The honesty that was required to write this groundbreaking book is deserving of the greatest respect. – Sabine Lucas, PhD, author of “Past Life Dreamwork”

About the Author

Joseph Dispenza is the author of 14 books and scores of magazine and Internet articles about living a higher quality of life. His “God On Your Own,” with a Foreword by Thomas Moore, was called by one reviewer “an oracle work.” Joseph is widely-known as a retreat leader, the founder of LifePath Retreats, which has been serving the international personal growth community for more than a decade from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

For more than thirty-five years, he has been in practice as a Spiritual Counselor.

Contact information

For an interview with the author contact Joseph Dispenza at josephdispenza(at)gmail(dot)com or phone 210.497.5256.


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