Dec 10, 2011

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Scene from Twilight

See an actual fight scene from Twilight as first aired on the MTV Movie Awards Pre Show!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. @coralinejonesish So thats where it came from. xD

  2. JonBaxterPickups says:


  3. balrog13571 says:

    Would you believe this actually won the award for best fight scene at the MTV Movie Awards over The Dark Knight? Or most recently that Kristen Stewart beat Natalie Portman in Black Swan? Or that each Twilight film has won Best Film for the past three years (and most likely will win the next two years) MTV is one of the most idiotic channels on television these days. It’s okay for if you like this, but actually saying it’s superior to every other film is ridiculous. Oh MTV how you’ve fallen…

  4. coralinejonesish says:

    0:10 you can get that sound effect on iMovie XD

  5. TwihardGirl94 says:

    2 lines of what James said isn’t in the movie I wonder why

  6. HierArchSTART says:

    Twilight is amazing, I just love how–I’m kidding, Twilight sucks; that is all.

  7. Burgerphile says:

    Back in my day… Vampires sucked blood not cock

  8. cool

  9. shittneygracex3 says:

    0:38 zomg i just pooped a lil

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  15. mordaliciousness says:

    @NaijahBubbleLolly64 I agree!!! Well, I have never liked Kristen or Rob but this movie just plain old sucks. She is such a horrible actor, at least in this scene. She doesn’t look scared at all…this movie lacks the emotion and drama that is in the book. Also, wtf was James FLYING? Since when do vampires fly in Twilight? They should have made him like a blur, as if he was running very fast. That would have made more sense. Ugh…my complaints about this movie (the whole saga actually) never end

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  18. I’ve seen better fight scenes at Macy’s during the one day sales.

  19. Maeve00Bella says:

    @harryhermione12345 Good they didnt! I love Twilight!!

  20. NaijahBubbleLolly64 says:

    this movie sucks. it makes all of the actors look horrible & gives them a bad reputation of having no talent.
    all of rob & kristen’s other movies are good & they’re good in them. this one does them no justice. ;D

  21. justiceleaguefan101 says:

    Check out PALADINM93 channel, he has Twilight and Justice League videos!!!

  22. lpskisses33 says:

    oh kristen it seems like just yesterday you were fliming in the secrets of object!i miss that movie!

  23. StariSloven says:

    Vampire is one of the few Serbian words that entered world dictionaries.

  24. randy25rhoads says:

    Very apparent that a woman directed the fight scenes in this movie. *jerk*throw*snarl*fly?*

  25. dannyapendero says:

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