Jan 23, 2012

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School and Library Books About Vampires and Werewolves Take Hold of Today’s Youth

Philadelphia, Penn. (Vocus) July 15, 2010

Theres no denying it: vampires and werewolves are hot! These ancient legends have become the latest craze, and young people are particularly smitten. This is clearly evident in the outpouring of interest in the Twilight Saga movies recently hitting the big screen. So it is no surprise that Mason Crest Publishers is tapping into this phenomenon to bring high interest school and library books to students across the country. The Making of a Monster: Vampires & Werewolves is comprised of 9 titles in book series which is coming out this fall for students ages 12 and up.

This series builds on the current obsession with vampires and werewolves, offering young adults information on the history, the science, and the literary connections behind these fascinating creatures. Myths and stories about creatures of the night have been popular throughout history, as people are drawn to the allure of the other.

Novels and movies about supernatural creatures may be a fad again today, but now these books give students an opportunity to use this pop culture interest to learn and understand more about the world around them, said Mason Crest Principal Louis Cohen.

For thousands of years, werewolves and vampires have inhabited the myths and legends of people around the world. Modern science and psychology offers clues to the reality behind the myths, with case studies of real-life vampires and descriptions of medical conditions that could be the origin of the legend of the werewolf.

This is an exciting project to be a part of because these books tap into a craze that has taken hold of todays youth, said Ellyn Sanna, author of one of the books in this series. Oral traditions have historically been passed down from generation to generation around the fireside, some of the first written tales of vampires and werewolves come from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, the Near East, Classical Greece, and Rome. From translations of these ancient texts come some of the most frightening first-hand accounts and eerie mythological tales the world has ever known.

The titles in the The Making of a Monster: Vampires & Werewolves series are:


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