Dec 30, 2011

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See you in theatres!
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  1. partygirl209 says:

    11.21.08 i think something happen!!

  2. jovanvlogshow says:

    Lol. I have the Twilight and the Twilight Saga: New Moon 3-Disc with me. ;]

  3. turtlelover12sept says:

    ohh, i can’t wait! haha

  4. pinkprincess3835 says:

    YOU GUYS, the surprise was the movie was supposed to premiere on december 12, but instead they moved it back to november 21. so HA!

  5. XXJuicyMaria24XX says:

    oh yeah…..real surprise and i already saw new moon on opening day.

  6. twilightfreak523 says:

    i remembered the first time i saw this, i freaked out cause i thought it was new moon’s date, then it took me like 5 more times to watch it and see that it said 2008 and it was twilight’s new date lol

  7. GossipGirlTwilightFa says:

    It’s Not a surprise that …. A realy surprise it’s New Moon …. in theater the 11/11:2009 !
    Oh A realy Surprise !!! And Theater Free for New Moon ! Oh Yes !!!

  8. puppyloveclub23 says:

    lol that was fast 4 seconds lol

  9. the surprise was that it wasnt gonna be on December 12 anymore now it was on November 21…

  10. crazyteensthings123 says:

    that is going to be the best movie

  11. no its that the movie was going to come out earlier 12 is december and 11 is november haha jk but ya its cuz they finished early

  12. It was very interesting… ^^

  13. muddylolster says:

    fucking faggots that aint a surprise

  14. Angelin9795 says:

    WHAT WAS THAT THE WORSE SURPISE I HAD IN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 seconds taken away from my life..

  15. Twilightloverjess7 says:

    what was that???? what surprise was that????

  16. oh ok oh yah i was a little confused thanks for pointing it out!!

  17. TeamBranFans says:

    No, this was for twilight. It was spoose to be on 12.12.08, except HBP wasnt ready to be released yet, so the suprise was that the movie was held back a month to: 11.21.08.

  18. TeamBranFans says:

    This was made back when the hype for the first movie was going to be out. The suprise was that twilight was suppose to be released on December 12, 2008, and HPHBP was suppose to be that date, but the movie wasnt ready to be finished, so Twilight took it’s spot. See now? I was freaking out when I saw this video months back.

  19. i think the surprise is that the new moon movie is coming out in november

  20. BellaCullen2103 says:

    Oh, yes, i was very surprised… XD

  21. CrushCrushCrush13125 says:

    i dont get wht the surprise is

  22. kymbra5011 says:

    oh my gosh that was soooo awesome lol jk!!!!!

  23. 123satanic321 says:


  24. flippykarelop says:

    uuuuummmm….that was so amazing!!!!! i loved that!!!!!! jk that was weird….

  25. ladydreamer009 says:

    oh wow ur fuckin stupid like omfg
    ur a dumb ass

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