Mar 25, 2012

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Taylor Lautner at Twilight Breaking Dawn premiere

Taylor Lautner at Twilight Breaking Dawn premiere

Taylor Lautner on the red carpet at the London premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Report by Daniel Smith. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

  1. TwihardLoVeR100 says:

    :35 to :45 Made me cry!!!!! I love himm!!!

  2. JOTennisVideos says:

    he would take his loyalty? does that mean he’s not as loyal of a person himself? Lol

  3. sydneycrazy says:

    OMG his smile is…unexplainable!sooo gorgeous…even his looks…he’s so beautiful.Thumbs Up Who agrees =D

  4. Nancy99999 says:

    He talks gayish. Why??

  5. Pojufa93 says:

    going to see the movie tonight! so excited!!!!

    leakedmovies . biz

  6. thesats01 says:

    i love you Taylor and i hate Taylor haters. Also for last time the premiere was in Manchester not London okay MANCHESTER.

  7. Disneygirl3715 says:

    His smile is gorgeous!!

  8. yasarab122 says:

    AMG *Q*

  9. ATaylorLautner1 says:

    @robinthegrape oh fuck off, people like you really piss me off.

  10. Taylor is so hot

  11. robinthegrape says:

    This guy talks like he’s the best actor out there right now. My goodness. Funny to watch.

  12. Ciliatjuhh12 says:


  13. weronika7024 says:


  14. NiijaSkinnylegs says:

    fuck team jacob TEAM TAYLOR ALL THE WAY!!!

  15. ADreamCatching says:

    I love him so much can I marry you Taylor I love you<3

  16. JustinBieberFan870 says:

    I’m going to see the movie tomorrow I’m so excited!!

  17. I like the part where he makes the same facial expression throughout the entire movie.

  18. Sarah45877 says:

    The movie was really good! Jacob was very intense in it. Damn he is so beautiful.

  19. peanut23ist says:

    cant wait for this movie !

  20. beneebear says:

    Jacob !!! Team!!!!! put that backwards its !!! Team Jacob!!!

  21. jacquelie52424 says:


  22. SophieK1996 says:

    I am in love with him! <3 He's amazing! 🙂

  23. loobywassup says:

    the movie is great i went to this premier!x

  24. MissJaacobBlack says:

    He’s so beautiful♥ /:

  25. Hollymariely says:

    Team Jacob♥

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