Mar 25, 2012

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Taylor Lautner Talks Battling Robert Pattinson and His First Post-Twilight Role

Taylor Lautner Talks Battling Robert Pattinson and His First Post-Twilight Role

Taylor Lautner transformed from cute child actor to full-blown heartthrob when he took on the part of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga. We talked to the actor at the recent press day for Breaking Dawn Part 1 about the emotions behind filming the scenes in the penultimate movie in the series and what’s next for his career now that the epic franchise is coming to a close. Taylor wouldn’t reveal too many details on his upcoming collaboration with director Gus Van Sant but said he’s excited about the opportunity to work with someone he’s admired for years. We also asked Taylor to dish on his Hollywood crush and what it’s like to take on Robert Pattinson on screen. Check out our interview, and in case you missed them, be sure to watch our interview with Kristen Stewart and our chat with Robert Pattinson!

Taylor has a delightful time watching Cirque du Soleil, Sweet!
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  1. PinkyShit98 says:

    @SuperHorselover23 I love he’s accemnt when he say it <3

  2. PinkyShit98 says:

    My favourit moments 1:54-2:14 specially 2:07-2:14 (devil) ;DD
    And 1:00-1:05 ;DDD

  3. idaanderssonnn says:

    @bumsso109 Four books, five movies 😉 They split Breaking Dawn i half. The first one end just when Bella becomes a vampire ;)

  4. Kaydee1357 says:

    @bumsso109 yes but the last one dont come out till next year

  5. bumsso109 says:

    @RochelleLeah1792 Did they film it as one or something?

  6. bumsso109 says:

    @Kaydee1357 SEVEN?!?!!?!?

  7. SuperHorselover23 says:

    “i don’t know u really put me on the spot there” ughhhh I love him!!!!!!! -3

  8. joooannebutterflies says:

    @bumsso109 the last part was too long so they had to make two of them breaking dawn part 1 and 2 (:

  9. RochelleLeah1792 says:

    @bumsso109 breaking dawn in two parts….

  10. Kaydee1357 says:

    Hes so cute!!! Team Jacob!!!!

  11. Kaydee1357 says:

    @bumsso109 Theres 7 in all

  12. bumsso109 says:

    5 Movies? Isn’t there only four?

  13. woulaskywalker says:

    Why can’t it just be me and Jessica Alba!?!
    Hahahahaha!! 😀

  14. twilightforever26 says:

    He’s soo good in interviews!

  15. Ronnia456 says:

    That’s it am ready, going to the movies Friday!  My boyfriend asked me, “Do you want me to go with you.” I almost told him….”hell to the NO!” So lied and said “Am probably not going myself. Deep down, I just don’t want my stupid boyfriend to go because I don’t want anyone or anything to ruin my Taylor BUZZ!

  16. weronika7024 says:


  17. lil2lol1114 says:

    luv u taylor

  18. twilightfan4ever98 says:

    its over.. your married. going on your honeymoon. goodbye. love him

  19. cyclonegirl77 says:

    TaylOr ♥_♥ 

  20. AndyMjLmp says:

    @FearlessBastard13 its a guy

  21. AndyMjLmp says:

    who is that in the car with him?

  22. Helle1dscu says:


    Me to 😉 he,s hot….. 

  23. palmer491 says:

    lol a circus.

  24. Dracullia says:

    why are we watching this?? The people who shoot these clips are dispicable!

  25. iluvgreenPRODUCTION1 says:

    @Taylenax4x that happens to everyone hunnie! XD

  26. iluvgreenPRODUCTION1 says:

    he is so hot driving a car! o god he’s so sexy…Im gonna die!
    i mean does anyine else make you..Hold your breath when we see him? or he’s so hot you feel like ur on fire? or your knees get weak and your heart beats faster?! Taylor Lautner I love you!!!!

  27. Taylenax4x says:

    I actually got real butterflies in my tummy..He has such an effect on me 🙂

  28. What car was that? X6?

  29. YTJunkie2012 says:

    hmm i didn’t see Sara with him she must of met him there

  30. brilsmurffie says:

    I am also a bit dissapointed about his cap-style..

  31. issierama4427 says:

    I am the only one who isn’t digging the “new look?” It’s just not him in my opinion. Im a little disappointed. :'(

  32. DancerDTC1 says:

    Sexy and U know it.. xDD

  33. FearlessBastard13 says:

    is that a girl with HIM O_O

  34. AndreaDiaz729 says:

    Dios mio Tay es Tan perfecto ♥

  35. LaughingAshley18 says:

    0:25… damn… wish i was that jacket

  36. fuck he’s hot mmmm

  37. mustloveMJ119 says:

    @OfficialKxren Female doctor:explain to me how this happened?
    Me:uhhhh*shows her video*
    Female doctor:no wonder why your ovaries explodedTaylors too hot for words oop their go mine too.

  38. shortii12341 says:

    He’s growing facial hair!! All I can say is one word… SEXY!!! 🙂

  39. 915livelaughlove says:

    vjbvcnbiryeouhlfakjendjsfnvbfhjgvfdbhjrf SEXY AF!<3

  40. stella9caro7 says:

    FUCKIN.HOT. *_______________*

  41. sarahheartsyou1000 says:

    His smile ^_^

  42. PrincessCupcakes88 says:

    Damn, everytime I see him, he seems to have gotten hotter! How is this possible?? LOL

  43. TwilightSagaIsEpic3 says:

    0:25 Like A B0:55 Damn Can He get any F*ckin more Hot!! <3333 U Tay!

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