Mar 25, 2012

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The Twilight Barbie Dolls – A Review of the Edward and Bella Dolls

Twilight Barbie dolls are proving to be rather popular with fans of the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer and the legions off fans of the movie adaptations. The idea of movie and TV related Barbie dolls is not a new one, with the X-Files and The Lord Of The Rings having official Barbie dolls made of their famous characters, and there have been others besides those too.

Now, with the introduction of two Barbie style dolls based on the famous couple from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (as well as Midnight Sun, the unfinished, unpublished alternate version of the ‘Twilight’ novel), fans are able to add two more versions of their favourite vampire and human couple to their collections.

Collectors may wish to keep these Twilight Barbie dolls in their movie-themed packaging, but the real joy in these dolls is taking them out, posing them and enjoying them to their fullest instead of leaving them alone in their boxes. Each of the dolls comes dressed in a fabric costume closely based on the clothing send on the characters in the movies, and they look great, but some fans may wish to raise the issue of how much they look like the actors themselves.

While both the Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Barbie dolls have faces that have been modified from the regular Barbie and Ken moulds, they do not resemble the stars all that much. Thankfully, with the hair and the costumes, they look spot on, but their facial features come across as a little too stylized to look just like the actors they are based on.

That said, these dolls are sure to make any fan of the saga sparkle with glee, and they provide something a little more substantial than just action figures. The Twilight Barbie Dolls, while not perfect, are a very good idea for Twilight fans this Christmas.

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