Mar 25, 2012

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The Twilight Book Set – A Vampire Love Story

If you’re an enormous lover of enchanting fantasy books, you should certainly obtain the Twilight book collection. This selection encompasses four books authored by Stephenie Meyer, of which three of them have been turned into films.

The four books that make up the Twilight Saga are called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

These 4 different books portray the world of a young girl called Isabella Swan and a young man called Edward Cullen. They are the two principal figures in the novels and we discover how they first met, the way they’re drawn to each other as well as precisely what makes their connection intrinsically different compared to most couples who have just entered into a relationship.

These works of fiction can be identified as being written in the style of Gothic fantasy considering the fact that we are told that Edward Cullen is a vampire as well as the interesting detail that he will never get old. In reality, he shouldn’t be so interested in the youthful young lady Bella simply because she’s human. This factor should make her not merely his foe but, more importantly, his prey. Vampires commonly feed on the blood of humans but we find out that the Cullen family does not live their lives in this way.

The whole way that this family attempts to live along side the human world is what helps to make this selection of books very enjoyable. This is not your bog standard romance story concerning a boy and a girl. There are numerous major problems en route and we are taken on the journey and discover how these two young lovers cope with everything that life throws in their path.

Once you starting reading the very first chapter of the first novel, you will not want to put it down until you have reached the final page. You can further increase your enjoyment of these stories by purchasing the film versions that have been made. You can buy Twilight the movie as well as the New Moon DVD online today.

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