Dec 1, 2011

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Become a fan on Facebook – The highly anticipated fourth installment of The Twilight Saga, directed by Academy Award® winner Bill Condon, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN — PART 1 reveals the mysteries of this romantic epic that has entranced millions. In theaters November 18, 2011.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. comingsmydon says:

    LOVELY MOVlE, l’ve seen at

  2. jovannyarodriguez says:

    The details: on the Wedding, After the Wedding, on the Honey Moon, Honey Moon Location, and the Day after the First Love Night (Bella’s thoughts), by far one of best I have ever seen. Even though I plan on living until 175, I think I wouldn’t mind to be bitten by a Vampire Girl. I wouldn’t mind living a little longer. 🙂 JAR

  3. jovannyarodriguez says:

    Los detalles: de la Boda, Después de la Boda, en la Luna de Miel, Localización de la Luna de Miel, y el Día después de la Primera noche de Amor (Pensamientos de Bella), hasta ahora, los mejores que eh visto. Aunque pienso vivir hasta los 175, no me molestaría para nada ser mordido por una Vampira. No me molestaría vivir un poquito más. 🙂 JAR

  4. BestBuds279 says:

    SHE LEAVES JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  5. smokeyandbaby says:

    See the movie right here: WatchBreakingDawn. info

  6. sunitashamsuri says:

    A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

  7. who’s song is it?

  8. vampirediaries448 says:

    Very Nice

  9. comingsmydon says:

    NICE MOVlE, l’ve seen at

  10. sawyerdion1 says:

    Well to be honest I really dont care what people will say. I love Twilight Saga and I just love everything about it. In fact, I was looking this movie online just to watch it as soon as possible. If you also want to watch it online take a look at this youtube video /watch?v=6GpVouKeQRE
    If you dont like Twilight, you do need to watch it 🙂 simple as that 🙂

  11. swiftflowingfreedom says:

    @Wintersong34 the spoiler was watching this trailer before the movie! xD

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  13. TheDavies03ox says:

    @Wintersong34 how is that a spoilor? you can tell all of that from the trailers lol.

  14. comingsmydon says:

    NICE MOVlE, l’ve seen at

  15. trolloutofcontrol says:

    she knows she can suck a vampire

  16. kamari441 says:

    @graceage14 loll it kk

  17. Wintersong34 says:

    Spoiler! They get married. They finally do it. And she has a kid. The END.

  18. Kathrynmarie941 says:

    @Kathrynmarie941 Let me correct it is now 140!

  19. 1991Watcher says:

    @Kathrynmarie941 140

  20. Kritickos says:

    robert downey jr?

  21. graceage14 says:

    i was team edward, but now im slowling turning team jacob do not ask me why i just feel s bad for the guy and ilove motorcycles. lol. why am i even gettign involved im a guy!

  22. @Micheli3667 Christina Perri ~ A Thousand Years. (:

  23. Micheli3667 says:

    I loved .. what is the name of the song?

  24. inselvideo says:

    I saw Robert and Taylor live at the Red Carpet!Video is on my Channel!

  25. comingsmydon says:

    NICE MOVlE, l’ve seen at

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