Jan 14, 2012

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THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE DVD/Blu-Ray Commentary Sneak Peek – Kristen & Rob

Check out this sneak peek at the ECLIPSE DVD & Blu-Ray commentary, featuring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. skatermaxx159 says:

    any of you know why Britains never sound Britsh when singing or acting ?

  2. 4youglencoco says:

    I love how Rob doesn’t give a toss but Kristen is nice enough to pretend.

  3. yayischiquis says:

    i love twilight

  4. StarEssences says:

    It’s the screenplay writers who are making all the decisions as for Psychology and dialogue; not the actors/actresses…this is their story not the famous ones portraying it.

  5. crazyizzy100 says:

    1:14 xD Lmfao

  6. gabatron010 says:

    say i wanna be a vampire 3 times

    say how pointy you want your fangs to be

    post this on 3 other videos

    then look at your mouth in a mirror and you’ll see your fangs

  7. this video is really entertainning

  8. ChristopherDone says:

    @StephaniiieJo To be fair on Rob, if the screenplay was any good he wouldn’t need to read the book to understand the back story. 🙂

  9. LMAO. “im gonna go with this guy who wants to sleep with me…i mean wants to kiss me and hold me hand.” oh robbbbbbbb

  10. tommyboy420allday says:

    don’t read this cause it actually works. you will get kissed on the nearest possible friday by the love of your life.however if you do not post this comment to at least 3 videos you will die within 2 days. no uv started reading this so dunt stop. this is scary. put this on at least 5 videos in 143 minutes when ur done press f6 and ur lovers nane will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary

  11. fucc ultra slutS……

  12. allyboopable says:

    oh dear, i am so embarrassed, how irritating and disappointing that both actors are laughing and talking about crap, while they should be talking about the movie, that they clearly know nothing about.

  13. BuckDillard says:


  14. TheRealMaryAlice says:

    Ooooh awesome :D!
    Now post the rest of the commentary foo -_-

  15. if u go to mtv.com and type in eclipse..(u prob hav to go to the second page of VIDEOS) there is a short video with commentary from rob and kristen of the tent scene with jacob…its really funny..rob is hilarious in it…almost peed my pants!

  16. Why is Bella wearing a hood?

  17. birgittaXD says:

    @wilmerharry lol FAIL.

  18. Mrsxmonkax says:


  19. GrainneMhaol says:

    @UbsessedWith It makes no sense even in its own universe. What I want to know is, why to the vampires shatter like porcelain dolls when another vampire hits them? The series is so empty of intellectual nourishment that we have nothing to do but ponder these things.

  20. LilBpresents1 says:

    @luvmusic4life96 no

  21. luvmusic4life96 says:

    is taylor in this?

  22. laroquilda says:

    gotta love these two. 🙂

  23. EmilyBanksOfficial says:

    @wilmerharry No hes not thats an English Accent!

  24. AlseasonAnita013 says:

    Robert really sounds different

  25. taylortwilightswift says:

    Lmfao! No don’t go please please please! Shut up im gonna go with the guy that wants to sleep with me… Oh I said the wrong thing…. I love Robert!

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