Jan 16, 2012

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Watch the TV spot “Epic” from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE opens in theaters and IMAX on June 30. Become a fan at facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. LeeLee24681 says:

    TEAM EDWARD because I don’t have a choice we all knew she was going to end up with him anyway. OH AND READ MY NEW BOOK THAT’S COMING OUT IN 2012. {more details later} Sorry, I’m not screaming at you. Wow, it is odd that you have to put something in caps to get people’s attention. LOL! Have a great day!

  2. GuernicaMusic says:

    thumbs up if you’re a #twilightfanboy

  3. NealWomack says:


  4. vivatdk65 says:

    @JennHale answering with the same insult I tell you is all you got ?

  5. @vivatdk65 is ‘bitch’ all you got, Must be cuz you are one

  6. vivatdk65 says:

    @JennHale hahahahaha ´´talk to the hand´´ your answer was so stupid and retard
    bye bitch (:

  7. @vivatdk65 whtver i am you’re much worse- So talk to the hand and if you have any questions consult my middle finger you fatass!

  8. vivatdk65 says:

    @JennHale hahaha good one bitch but I know it´s for retards because you saw it (:

  9. @vivatdk65 no they are not, otherwise you would have seen it

  10. Does anyone know what song that is?

  11. hypnosegirl16 says:

    If you consider any of the Twilight books/movies to be ‘epic’ then you’re easily impressed. Sorry, but it’s true.

  12. AbeiLLe123 says:


  13. MaryLira3753 says:

    this video is awsome the? best fanmade one i ever seen friend read an article from
    that some scenes in twilight were removed due it was drastic for viewers

  14. TanyaDenali1987 says:

    Team Edward All The Way

  15. gentlecharlatan says:

    best movie of all time : new moon? friend read an article from
    that some parts in the twilight movie were cut due these was inappropriate for the audience

  16. addisinjureehbb says:

    freggin’ awesome movie and good plot too.  I watched at fufast.Bcom omit the B

  17. whatsupbuttercup95 says:

    @TMSsoccer4 y were you watching this then??

  18. TMSsoccer4 says:

    this shit is stupid. twilights a fucking gay ass movie

  19. addisonpbfll says:

    Cool movie to start off the year/summer. I recommend fufast.Hcom erase the H

  20. abroadbibliophi says:

    What brought the clever screenplay to life is the phenomenal cast online at fufast.Pcom delete the capital P

  21. 4everfriends100 says:

    perfect clip..!i love eclipse and edward..!!

  22. 1robertfan1 says:

    @AbeiLLe123 the twilight saga and harry potter are completely different movies. so how can you compare the two lol. xxx

  23. TEAMEDWARD4evr15 says:

    oh yeah bitches 5 stars

  24. pokelover09 says:

    @vitvatdk65 ur retarded asshole

  25. vivatdk65 says:

    this kind of movies are for retarded people

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