Jan 19, 2012

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THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE – “Twilight Night” Interview with Peter Facinelli

Watch an interview with Peter Facinelli from Moviefone’s live stream of “Twilight Night” in celebration of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is in theaters and IMAX now. www.facebook.com

  1. vintagegiirlxox says:

    Lol Peter said my name! “Miriam” hehe 🙂

  2. alldadsarecrazy23 says:

    now if he was my doctor i would get hurt everyday just to go see him 😉

  3. He’s so sweet with his fans! :’)

  4. KyleBreeth says:


  5. clubpenguinfan243 says:

    oh no he knows about the fan fictions!He actually looks on their?Omg…I dont have one though:P

  6. jazzyfizzle86 says:

    Whoa these are some lame questions. ‘Give us some backstory on Carlisle’…eh wtf its the third movie.

  7. luvmusic4life96 says:

    i CANNOT believe that he is a dad and a husband. He looks soo young. For a guy in his thirties, he is soooo cute!


  8. EmilyBanksOfficial says:

    He so forgot Nikki’s name!! HAHA

  9. cfhgfjfdhjr says:

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  10. pennybug12 says:

    Love Peter!! I wish my Dr was as hot as him. Team Cullen!!

  11. ilovetwilight843 says:


  12. ilovetwilight843 says:

    [ OMG ]

  13. genesis304 says:

    i was there it was at san diego in the park at petco park!!!! it was so much fun=D

  14. Bandslam10 says:

    Hey thats me in the top right coming from the booth ahha thats me n my friends ahah wohhhhh! at 1:05

  15. EdithNyberg5186 says:

    no hes? hot I’ve read a blog from
    that few parts in the twilight movie are cut because it was inappropriate for the audience

  16. abridgmentasojtd says:

    What brought the clever screenplay to life is the phenomenal cast online at fufast.Pcom delete the capital P

  17. maiz304secondtry says:

    @luarproductions peter or the fans? bc peters REALLY quiet..

  18. This movie is so awesome, fun movie to watch at fufast.Zcom remove the capital Z

  19. luarproductions says:

    Every time they scream it’s like the microphone is going to explode.

  20. cocacoleyff4carlisle says:

    Most of my fanfiction is of Carlisle getting down with Edward. Dear God, I hope that’s the fanfiction he’s getting his information from. I’d love to see him take down Rob and have his wicked way with him. …and I think I’ve said too much.

  21. brenda32146 says:

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  22. gearf0x09 says:

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  23. Girlsinblack1411 says:

    LOVE his jacket

  24. thatgirlwhoplaysCOD says:


  25. iraniamonserrat says:

    he so sexy!!

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