Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson – HD MOVIE (2011)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson – HD MOVIE (2011)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson - HD MOVIE (2011)

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ Exclusive PopUp Trailer – What do you love (or hate) about ‘Twilight’? SUBSCRIBE to stay in the know as NEW trailers debut: Voice your opinion in the comments below! Dig a little deeper and explore the latest Twilight release, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ with this exclusive pop up video that gives you behind the scenes access to the popular series. movieclips movieclipsDOTcom movie clips movieclipstrailers popuptrailer twilight “twilight saga” “Breaking Dawn part 1” “Breaking Dawn HD” “Breaking Dawn Kristin Stewart” “Robert Pattinson” “Taylor Lautner” vampires

Music : Blame It On The Boom Boom by Black Stone Cherry
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. I absolutely love twilight! It is the best, I have all of the books and at least read them all at least 5 times each! I have also watched them all and they are so amazing I keep watching them over and over. I am a really big Twilight fan! YAY TWILIGHT!!!!!

  2. Elpollomyloco says:

    Julianna makes these almost unbearable 

  3. yourewelcomex3 says:

    hey guys, have this rough copy to Breaking Dawn part 2 movie, check it out once you have the chance. I downloaded it and it’s awesome!­­012/02/twilight-breaking-dawn­-­part-2-download.html

  4. 127prats says:

    wow 28.5 million, and she knows nothing about acting

  5. BestArtGal says:

    I can’t stand the girl who is introducing the trailer. Makes me feel sick.

  6. SalmanPassepatout says:

    That’s was so cool .. but i want watch the full movie on the youtube website .. I mean online // 🙁 how i can do this .. !! ?

  7. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @39h3Lover198 he’s so cute, right?! what kind of movies do you hope he does next?

  8. 39h3Lover198 says:

    I loved the movies only because I LOVE JACOB/TAYLOR!!!!!!!


  9. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @MISSamindofherown You saw it already? Why did you think it was only so so? What did you think of the birthing scene?? I heard it was graphic…

  10. MISSamindofherown says:

    I liked the first two movies. This breaking dawn was so so.

  11. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @Cosco100 I don’t think he’s pasty-white enough…

  12. Cosco100 says:

    @MOVIECLIPSjulianna hmm. I dont know, I think Ryan Coutu could’ve played that one really well too

  13. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @Cosco100 you picked the right man, sir. do you think Mr. Pattinson was the right casting choice?

  14. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @NerdGirlmundo haha, kinda true. but loveable trash.  do you like Harry Potter?

  15. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @iceboy1234ify Blade 2 fan, huh?! What’s your favorite vampire movie?!

  16. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @lozzy3003 Thanks so much for the comment!! I haven’t seen it yet either, but I’m excited to see how it pans out! And you’re totally right, it’s way easier to be on Team Edward in the books than in the movies…why do you think that is??

  17. Cosco100 says:

    Team Edward. #gangsta

  18. NerdGirlmundo says:


  19. iceboy1234ify says:

    at 2:42 to 2:51 thumbs up if you were looking at the bottom left left

  20. lozzy3003 says:

    Honestly i prefer the books but i do love the filsm i haven’t watched it yet but i’m excited to go see it 🙂 I’m Team Edward in the books and i’m Team Jacob in the movies lol.. but honestly i can’t decide who’s better lol.. my Fave Twilight book is Eclipse but until i’ve seen all the movies i can’t decide what one i like best, but i have to say i don’t like the way in one movie they have Edward looking like a teenager then in another he looks like an adult.

  21. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @jrhoades37 I agree, it takes awhile to get used to Kristen Stewart, and her makeup looks awesome. I’m excited to see what they do in the next film for her baby’s birth scene…I here there are puppets involved! Do you follow any other book-film series?

  22. jrhoades37 says:

    I love the movies because they are an extension of the books. Obviously the books were better but that is pretty standard for adaptations.
    It took me a long time to accept Kristen Stewart as Bella, but now there is no turning back and we just have to roll with it.
    From watching this trailer it looks like they did a great job with her makeup and making her look gaunt and dying. I am excited for this movie…already bought my ticket 🙂

  23. MOVIECLIPSjulianna says:

    @MOVIECLIPSerica I agree with you about all of it! I just watch them because I read them, and who didn’t laugh at the fact that we never saw Jacob with a shirt on EVER in the 2nd movie? The only thing is I would’ve liked someone different to play Edward. I know, I know, everyone likes Robert P. but I think someone like James Franco would’ve been wayyy sexier. You?

  24. MOVIECLIPSerica says:

    I’m a sucker for a good love story and a bit of suspense… that’s what sucked me into the book series (that and the fact that they are SUPER easy reads), but honestly, I just watch the movies to see how it all plays out on screen. I always laugh out loud at least once in each movie for something so lame, but then totally fall head-over-heels for Edward by the end… what can I say?

  25. xlovexo24 says:

    lolll oops yeah, i thought it was nikki reed lmaoo

  26. Satanikka21 says:

    most impressive thing I’ve seen a human being do lol

  27. anneelliotw says:

    Do you mean Anna Kendrick? Cause that is hilarious and awkward

  28. TheYawn1999 says:

    What’s up with robs hair

  29. ii was so funny when the little girl asked him if he liked having a baby with Bella

  30. wilbyhere says:

    @ijustkendall Hahahahahah! He has failed badly! Lovin’ him with a beard to bad his character Edward Cullen was clean shaven because that is a good look on him!

  31. ijustkendall says:

    @wilbyhere shut up.he is trying to be rihanna

  32. sophiedophie55 says:

    Can you make more of these videos please, I just love watching them! :) x

  33. wilbyhere says:

    Rob looks great when he has the beard but that hair cut later is horrible half his head is almost bald.

  34. mollygrbxx says:

    He dosen’t have one (Though he is Compassionate)

  35. Becca Gonzalez says:

    What is Carlisle’s power?

  36. xlovexo24 says:

    LOLLL the awkward interview with nikki read and that guy

  37. lindadiedssuchtlerin says:

    5:45 – 6:30 … did you guys ever read the books?

  38. commenting4ulot says:

    lol whats it like having a baby with bella

  39. UltimatePuppyLover says:

    this was uploaded on my birthday! 😀

  40. racchelxo says:


  41. KLE741852 says:

    rob ddo u like havin the baby with…bella HAHAHA SMART KIDLOVE THIS LIL GIRL HAHAHA i dying here!!! :))))

  42. KLE741852 says:

    Beacaus she is able to fight harder than any human ever can with some of that in her…..LITERALLY….UM (ducks in embarassment) -kristen
    (cute smile/confused) -rob
    well NOW im really embarassed-kristen

  43. KLE741852 says:

    @happyland65 HELL YEAH HE DOES!!!!

  44. modelhorsemoviesx says:

    best 15mins of my life LMAO! im pissing myself:’)

  45. KLE741852 says:


  46. kitty21867 says:

    i bet when the press lady said she was impressed with rob’s muscle’s, i bet taylor was like inside, “Hey, what about my shirtless scenes?!

  47. bellacullen728 says:

    @KLE741852 Actually the “Good answer” part was Bill Condon 😛

  48. KLE741852 says:

    Its nice to be around hot girls its the best thing ever thats why i became an actor -rob
    good answer-taylor

  49. reesjoanne19197 says:

    love the woman talking from 0.27 – 0.39 nom nom nom 😀

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