Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight: Eclipse Movie Premiere

Twilight: Eclipse Movie Premiere

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Singapore Idol Sezairi met the cast of Twilight: Eclipse and serenaded to Kristen Stewart!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. TheCatchFilms says:

    ugh…my girlfriend dragged me to go see that…it SUCKEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD…

  2. CoolFooOnTheBlock says:

    and im a dude

  3. CoolFooOnTheBlock says:

    i used tothink it was gay and only non straight people saw it but after having nothing to do on a saturday i went and watched eclipse i found that twilight is epic enough action to keep me interested now i downloaded the first and second and im waiting for eclipse to be able to download

  4. TheMaddogx32 says:

    twilight is a woman’s choice between necrophilia and bestiality, proven fact.

  5. XxsasukerulezxX says:

    team alice, she is the only actor with any talent, and carlisle, he is badass too.

  6. I thought it was stupid, but I liked Bella’s dad.

    Team Cedric!!!!

  7. uh the books were ok 1 sucked but 2, 3 & 4 were “good” movies 1 & 3 sucked 2 was alright

  8. MekMarryMe says:

    Finally a guy who likes twilight!!!!

  9. sweeneysgirl324 says:

    I really like Twilight, but it will never ever ever ever ever EVER be anywhere near the standards of Harry Potter. I went to see Eclipse opening day, and there were a bunch of snooty fangirls who got smart during the Deathly Hallows trailer. So just to piss them off, after it was over I stood up and shouted ‘TEAM HARRY, BITCHES!!’…… cannot count how many death glares I got, but it was soooooo worth it.

  10. erietigers91 says:

    eclipse sucked. there. i needed to let it out 😀

  11. meandmom10 says:

    that was the best video

  12. hayhay509 says:

    You wanna hear a vampire joke?


  13. tkmaster17 says:

    Im on team “Im Awesome”. Members: ME

  14. i saw eclipse and it was good! if you hate on twilight you can suck my godzilla cock!
    im for team jacob lol just because i dont give a fuck and that my sister likes him 😮

  15. Stumoiso says:

    TEAM JACOB im not a bigg twilight fan its ok

  16. *wha-pished!*


  18. lonewanderer22 says:

    i went with my friend and like half way threw the movie some dude yelled out whore at Bella god that was funny XD

  19. TheBrandi98 says:

    @MakubekuUrashima really cool 😉

  20. MakubekuUrashima says:

    @TheBrandi98 well, its a wonder i can speak english :p i learned as a baby with no knowledge, by myself AND without any of those “english learning” crap, btw my main language its spanish, i learned by playing games on english like zelda and stuffs 😮

  21. TheBrandi98 says:

    @MakubekuUrashima yes and so does ur spelling my friend :p im nt trying to be mean … i totally agree wit u but …

  22. simplyjenevieve says:

    haha i liked watching eclipse 🙂
    haha i’m surprised no one said anything to you about having a camera in the movie theater

  23. HigurashiShionChama says:

    Oh my. Hahaha. I watched my friends older brother get whipped into watching that movie. HIs mom was calling him a faggot in the car even though she forced him to go with her. Haha. I watched Grown Ups just today with some friends… It was actually funny I hate comedy movies because they’re so generic now much this one made me laugh.

  24. xaveir14 says:

    Edward is a sparkly faggot (I’m not against homosexuals, i never use the term to describe gay people, i just use it as an insult, so calm down) and Jacob is an asshole who thinks he’s a werewolf. he’s a shapeshifter, there’s a difference. also, i am offended that the lesson they teach with Jacob is “GIRLS! don’t be interested in a boy who has long hair and no muscles! but if he cuts it and bulks up, hop on him like a jackrabbit!” Twilight sucks. always has, always will

  25. dinaa593 says:

    lol 🙂 kstew

  26. omgwthbbqpizza says:

    I know him. He’s the Singapore Idol. I don’t like him though. Partially ’cause I’m jealous he got to meet Kristen Stewart. Like, “WE’RE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AND THEY COULDN’T SEND ME?!”.

  27. jjess808 says:

    Her laugh melts my heart, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  28. books0from0boxes says:

    wow that was such a cute song!

  29. aliyaarchie says:

    agree with @yvonnechalet1 and SO damn laughing at 0:49 up to 1:07 GOD i’m screaming laughing out loud! haha! “since the first time I saw you in the first twilight movie I knew I had to take 18-hours flight just to see you for 5 minutes but it’s okay because, I LOVE YOU BELLA” JUST HAHA! BTW like his voice!

  30. aliyaarchie says:

    agree with @yvonnechalet1 and SO damn laughing at 0:49 up to 1:07 GOD i’m screaming laughing out loud! haha! “since the first time I saw you in the first twilight movie I knew I had to take 18-hours flight just to see you for 5 minutes but it’s okay because, I LOVE YOU BELLA” JUST HAHA!

  31. Cozziefan1 says:

    thumbs up if kristen has the cutest laugh in the world!

  32. yvonnechalet1 says:

    da ha ha ha! i like the part where they thrown in Edward (Rob)!
    Kristen: ” I think Edward would be kinda pissed!”
    Edward: ” you should just leave!” priceless!

  33. yvonnechalet1 says:

    @SandraPattinson sei italiano? fantastico! hai usato traduzzione google? e male:/ suggerirei word reference:D e molto bene! sono una studentessa e sto imparando italiano e sempre uso wordreference per coniugazione

  34. DaNii0896 says:

    that was a little awkward for her 😛

  35. Gosh her laugh is so damn fucking cuuuuuuute and she was so blushing :))) and shes hott when shes blushing .. just saying ;Pp

  36. TWClanaOTHlover says:

    i love kristeeen’s laugh … so cutee <33

  37. ashcakes001 says:

    the one person who clicked thumbs down was Edward Cullen. hahaha

  38. blairgwin says:

    @7KEDDY7 did you know that Kristen was listed last in Forbes’s richest actress but youngest!

  39. blairgwin says:

    I bet ROB serenades her in Brazil cuz Rob brought Guitar 🙂

  40. a21101984r says:

    ever since i saw you in the first twilight movie i knew how to take an eightteen hour flight just to see you for five minutes


  41. saraha555 says:

    @Summerlvr19 totally agree! lol

  42. Summerlvr19 says:

     Cute!!! and even cuter when he mention the 18 hour flight!

  43. tomas768 says:

    Good interviewer..what every guy wants to do…serenade Kristen!

  44. ultimatetoysfan says:

    i love jacob

  45. 5ctBauble says:

    OMG!!! shes sooooooooo embarassed!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  46. byebyethekissezblown says:

    @7KEDDY7 The shirt was designed that way. The holes in the shirt are intentional. It’s not that serious.

  47. taitai831 says:

    @wolfgirlfulify5 seriously get some help or grow up, whatever floats your boat

  48. taitai831 says:

    @wolfgirlfulify5 seriously get some help

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