Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight Gives Jacob Black a Good Story

Twilight Gives Jacob Black a Good Story

In love, when do you say ‘enough is enough’? Can you truly walk out on something that feels so right? One of the most intriguing characters that Stephenie Meyer has created probably has one of the most heartbreaking stories as well. 

The story of Jacob Black starts when Bella purposefully flirts with him in an attempt to reveal his knowledge of the Cullens. Their friendship strengthened on the second installment in the saga, New Moon, when Bella needed a diversion from her anguish about Edward’s absence. Unable to resist Jacob’s presence, Bella suddenly finds herself becoming inseparable from him with a bond that becomes stronger and stronger.

Stephenie Meyer, by including the history of the existing Quileute Nation who actually live and thrive despite the odds, in the real area known as La Push in Washington, has highlighted a proud people, and she has linked their beliefs very well with her story of the quest by boys who reach puberty for their supernatural powers. Jacob’s genetic heritage threatens his ability to remain close to Bella. But staying true to his promise, Jacob is able to show amazing control and courage to ensure Bella’s remains in his life while his emerging supernatural qualities kick in.

Their easy connection towards each other establishes the deeper feeling Jacob had for Bella. Despite Bella’s resistance and loyalty to her feelings for Edward, Jacob never wavered in fighting for his own cause, that of just being in Bella’s life.

Jacob’s courage, tenacity, and good humor are probably what makes his character very interesting and almost completely opposite to Edwards. His story was presented to us in the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, and it is where we see and understood the gravity of his struggles of protecting the woman he truly cares about.

“Hey, it’s the least I can do – I offered eternal servitude, remember. I’m your slave for life.” ~ Jacob Black, Eclipse.

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