Mar 25, 2012

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TWILIGHT Interview With Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan in BREAKING DAWN)

TWILIGHT Interview With Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan in BREAKING DAWN)

Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan from Twilight Breaking Dawn Eclipse and New Moon talks about the teenage vampire sensation with Paul Byrne in this Irish cinema interview presented by Check out for cinema times, movie news, and more interviews with stars from Twilight Eclipse
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. xoxJessLovesYouxox says:

    shes alright at times….but she just gets awkward at times!!! lol

  2. ilikepints says:


    I think it’s just the script that’s lame. She’s a very good, natural actress. I’m looking forward to Welcome to the Riley’s.

  3. bella is super hot. danm

  4. she has true beauty!!

  5. SeedsAreUs says:

    Total bitch. Loosen up.

  6. ImeanFrans says:

    El tipo que entrevista a Kristen Habla TAN RAPIDO! que no logro entender casi nada

    kris is so pretty and i like when she gets nervous

  7. Watupwitthat1234567 says:

    She’s hot but movies/books suck major monkey ass poop shit

  8. She’s pretty, but holy shit the books suck and so do the movies.

  9. DorisMorgan7223 says:

    damn this video gave me chills like? good chills omg i cant wait friend read an article from
    that some scenes in twilight are removed due these was inappropriate for the audience

  10. jasperandalicelol says:

    @98videomaker Man I love twilight.

  11. jesus781023 says:

    she is low voice too! hehe like me.

  12. movielova96 says:

    i hear the guy from the left and kristen from the right… O.o

  13. @kevinsmodewelt it’s pronounced ‘gayshit’

  14. I think she is so interesting. It is the way she speaks and looks that make her unique.

  15. LaudanumDrinker says:

    this is weird! i used to hate, truly hhhate Twilight, and all the fuss around it, and now i find myself loving it!! Crazy! And Kristen amuses me, it’s awesome how different she is from her character. =) she really gets it. cool.
    (and she’s sooo beautiful…)

  16. she talks exactly the way Bella talks in the films

  17. malschaun93 says:

    what is an leprechaun,?
    sry, thats to much for my little foreigner brain,.

  18. kevinsmodewelt says:

    how should i pronounce twilight…..???…i mean the “twi”?? like twai?? or twi?:D

  19. grisapa1 says:

    I thought she actually played her role well. Then i saw this interview, and shes like that for real wtf?!

  20. WhitePhoenix22 says:

    i love her voice =D

  21. very brilliant performence by kristen i love it

  22. 26361568 says:

    people who give good cmments on her,i love you guys…….

  23. itscomplicated456 says:

    this guy sounds like a leprechaun 

  24. mrsautumn123 says:

    i love u guys

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