Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight Saga an Incredible Love Story

The popularity of Twilight Saga still exists and a lot of people are still crazy about it, starting from Twilight books up to the movie franchise.

When I first heard about Twilight, I didn’t really find it interesting. I questioned myself, “What’s interesting about sparkling vampires? That sounds weird and it’s so unrealistic.” I couldn’t relate to it when my friends talks about it and it’s quite embarrassing. So then, I started reading the story through online resources. Then there, I figured out why people love the vampire -human -werewolf love story. The story is truly amazing; I could hardly imagine how Stephanie Meyer created the Saga. Every character, situation, and everything, it’s just almost perfect and very unique. I may not personally love the paleness of Edward Cullen but I love the tan beauty of Jacob Black and the lovability of Bella Swan. How I wished the love story was created in favor of Jacob and Bella’s relationship. No regrets still because Renesmee is there as Jacob’s imprintee. I know many people are excited for the separate movie release dates of Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn, I can’t wait for next year as well.

One exciting event that people would love as well is the much awaited wedding of the year of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. How will Bella looked like when she becomes a vampire? Well, let’s wait for that because I am sure she’ll be one of those most beautiful vampires in the town.

Aside from their Twilight Saga character, I also start getting interested with their offscreen character and my personal favorite is Ashley Greene also known as the pretty Alice Cullen. She’s totally lovely and her beauty is so stunning.

I am sure many are also a Twifanatic like me, so let’s continue to support the world of Twilight Saga.

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