Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Synopsis

Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Synopsis

The fourth book of the hit Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, is the ending to a twisted vampire love story. The books have become enormously popular films; the third film, Eclipse, will be released in June of 2010, but the finale won’t be seen until 2011. For those who wish to know what happens in the end, here is a synopsis of the book. This will reveal the plot including spoilers; you have been warned.

New Moon ends with vampire Edward proposing marriage to mortal Bella because he won’t change her into a vampire, her goal, until they’re married. Eclipse is the more violent book with an actual battlefield episode included; Breaking Dawn, however, begins with the two getting married soon after their high school graduation.

Following their wedding, Edward and Bella fly to an exotic private island for their honeymoon. Though author Stephenie Meyer doesn’t give details, it’s inferred what happens between the newlyweds during this time; this is confirmed when Bella has the dramatic realization as they’re leaving a couple weeks later that she’s pregnant.

Unlike a normal pregnancy, the child will be half vampire and half mortal since Edward has still yet to turn Bella. The pregnancy is not only happening faster, but it is physically abusive to Bella. The baby rejects all forms of food until they realize what it is that will quench the thirst: blood.

While that all occurs in the first third of the book, as written from Bella’s point of view, the middle section skips to her best friend and werewolf Jacob Black’s life as told by him. He is in a depression since he has lost Bella to Edward; there’s a lot of brooding and sulking, but he mainly separates himself from his pack to create his own with two of the lesser wolves.

The remainder of the four weeks in Bella’s pregnancy are also told from Jacob’s perspective. The birth happens suddenly when the child violently begins literally forcing its way out. From physical harm and loss of blood, Edward is forced to turn Bella in order to keep her alive; he begins entering the venom into her body and the transformation begins. Finishing off Jacob’s telling, he ‘imprints’ on the baby girl, named Renesmee; in short, he feels that this is the girl he’ll end up marrying- Bella’s daughter.

The last third is back in Bella’s head, but it’s completely different. She is a vampire now, and for the first time the reader is in one of their heads. Another vampire sees Renesmee and thinks she is dangerous and a threat, reporting her to the Volturi who come rushing to the scene. The Cullens, with the help of the werewolves and other vampires, prove that she is not immortal and not a threat. Fortunately the Volturi understand and leave them to live in peace.

As with the three previous books, Bella and Edward never have an easy romance without unusual trials; there are always complications in their relationship. However the ending of this book, and the entire saga, seem to put an end to their unconventional woes and pass the torch to Renesmee and Jacob. It will be interesting to see how the movie showcases the unexpected turns in this final installment; fans everywhere are already greatly anticipating the end product.

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