Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight Series: Bella Swan/Cullen ReVamped makeup

Twilight Series: Bella Swan/Cullen ReVamped makeup

HEY!! Follow me on twitter: false eylashes vid: i used: Face: MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Light MAC Colour Cream Base Luna Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer Eyes: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly MAC e/s Girlie MAC e/s Sketch MAC e/s Carbon MAC e/s Crystal Avalanche MAC e/s Brule L’oreal Super Gloss eyeliner MAC Graphblack Technakkohl eyeliner Covergirl Lash Blast MAC False eyelashes DUO eyelash adhesive Lips: Benefit Ms. Behavin lipstick chapstick
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. monster117713 says:

    What’s the name of this song???

  2. BlueEyedsweety79 says:

    i got my “cullen” twilight contacts on line this website called extreme fx or something. hope i helped a little

  3. isabella8885 says:

    @makeupfanpire ur welcome =) i think at any mall where contacts are sell or look online keep up the good work =)

  4. makeupfanpire says:

    @isabella8885 thanks babe! <3 i know! the thing is where can i get red contacts?

  5. isabella8885 says:

    very pretty you could of use red contacts and it would of been perfect ♥

  6. macarena142 says:

    What is tge name of this song ?

  7. GreecePetros says:

    What is the name of the song?

  8. Twiheartization says:

    @makeupfanpire oh ok 

  9. makeupfanpire says:

    @kaayleighkatx aww thanks! :*

  10. kaayleighkatx says:

    Your eyes kinda remind me of jessica alba lol, really pretty look 🙂

  11. soundyone says:

    @scullkollector930 thx 🙂

  12. makeupfanpire says:

    @Twiheartization i don’t think so, but i did this look WAY before the movie came out!

  13. Twiheartization says:

    i thought her eyeshadow was red? correct me if wrong please

  14. barbieapaixonada says:

    quem canta essa musica?e qual o nome dela?
    alguem pode responder por favor.

  15. makeupfanpire says:

    @Stella24Bella hahaha thanks :*

  16. Stella24Bella says:

    Your eyes are like Meyer explained Bella’s:

  17. scullkollector930 says:

    @soundyone evanescence- my immortal live

  18. leximonkey12345 says:

    Wow I can do better

  19. makeupfanpire says:

    @aleksia1231 mhm there’s no need to say what you dislike or like about my face, but thanks

  20. aleksia1231 says:

    i don’t like your lips but I love your eyes!!!

  21. TiteGleek says:

    I have the same eyes (the same color 🙂 

  22. soundyone says:

    whats that song

  23. twilight59100 says:

    that’s caca kaki stuck in cucu

  24. makeupfanpire says:

    @twinchomckeith Aww woow!! i’m so flattered!! 😀 this means the worl to me!!! :* THANK YOU!!!! <3

  25. twinchomckeith says:

    @makeupfanpire Also, I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve used this look every day since first watching this video.. 🙂

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