Nov 30, 2011

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Twilight – Teaser Trailer 2

Watch the second teaser trailer for the worldwide box office phenomenon! Starring Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, TWILIGHT is based on Stephenie Meyer’s beloved bestseller. The epic continues in 2009 with NEW MOON.

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  7. nojrul120643 says:

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  8. supip34252 says:

    This was a fantastic movie…it’s one of the best romantic comedies i’ve seen on in a long time…recommand it to everyone

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  11. nojrul120643 says:

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  14. @catbuttonify
    Hell yeesss, what an strange thought!! haha,, good one ::))))

  15. 0scenegirl0 says:

    @catbuttonify hahaha i was always wandering too =))=))

  16. @catbuttonify haha lol gross

  17. forevertwilightclub says:


  18. StrawberryMopet says:

    Why is it that my DVD tints the whole movie blue, but on this its not -.-“

  19. shiphrahhopeful says:

    The Twilight series is all a bunch of lies & seduction in order to deceive.God tells us to “abhor what is evil” & “cling to what is good”Rom.12:9. When today’s youth love the emotional thrills of popular occultism, they are desensitizing their hearts & minds to its evil.They’re turning God’s truth & America’s values upside down. It all fits the plans of Satan & our globalist leaders.
    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness” Is 5:20

  20. kyrios2795 says:


  21. team jacob

  22. catbuttonify says:

    i wonder how he copes when she’s on her period

  23. RaquelJacksonRocks says:

    All the comments are spam Damnit.

  24. sashaablev says:

    i know it sounds sad but i burst into tears at the end of this film, u can watch the leaked copy at my channel or here > bit.lyTSBdawn – Even tho ive watched the leaked version im still going to see it in the cinema because twilight rocks!

  25. this video is really entertainning

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