Dec 15, 2011

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Twilight – Teaser Trailer

Watch the teaser trailer for the worldwide box office phenomenon! Starring Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, TWILIGHT is based on Stephenie Meyer’s beloved bestseller. The epic continues in 2009 with NEW MOON.

  1. TheTwihardArshiya says:

    Breaking Dawn Part 1 is here..and there would be the last installment next year. The Twilight Saga has actually made history. It makes me cry whenever I see this trailer. It has come such a long way..and I don’t want it to end. Yeah, ik, it won’t end ever. For eternity <3 <3

  2. justanotherrowegirl says:

    so many memories….i remember when i first saw this trailer in theaters. that’s where it all began… 🙂

  3. robpattinsonnewmoon says:

    @MayCullen17 i never figured it out

  4. MayCullen17 says:

    @robpattinsonnewmoon thats what i want to know. I like it

  5. Darkmyth92 says:

    Truth: Twilight saga is overrated and boring!

  6. Ohh when I see those clips I just want to see the whole movie 🙁

  7. Ylenia91Sakura says:

    *___* <3

  8. mariagathi says:

    danger,love,edward…..perfect movie<3

  9. theambitiousdirector says:

    Check out my Twilight article by searching up filmvsnovel.

  10. itsmdcrazy says:

    I remember reading the book while hearing the score of the movie, it’s really great, I love the story, and I can’t wait for breaking dawn

  11. justanotherrowegirl says:

    wow…nostalgia…i can remember when i first started getting into the movie! seems like yesterday….and now the teaser for breaking dawn will be released tomorrow! can’t wait!!!!

  12. ombradellarosa says:

    I’m glad they didn’t put that line of Emmett’s in. I didn’t think it fit his character at all. It was much more Rosalie.

  13. krazykittymatt says:

    @Annelou94 Yeah I know what you mean. I wish they did like an extended edition.

  14. What is the song in the trailer?

  15. 11hoping22 says:

    If you don’t believe me, watch his face the whole time. creeeeeep.

  16. really good 9/10 .. simple go for fr33 at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  17. robpattinsonnewmoon says:

    what is the song in the trailer?

  18. wahyudinoviarly says:

    I enjoyed this movie, typically not my type of film, but it kept me interested thru-out. watch it for fr33 at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  19. everariana says:

    @PopCultureNut this is still probably my favorite trailer out of ALL of the movies so far, teaser and theatrical trailers included. I love it because it give me the same chills that I had when I was first reading the books It brings back the heartwarming feeling of reading the books, and it gives the best feelings. But I agree, this trailer is so amazingly awesome; if only the movie was actually the way how the trailer made it look.

  20. qertuneg21 says:

    Worth of watch…good movie. Watch it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  21. qertuneg21 says:

    Damn…I really curious about this movie. Good to me can watch it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  22. qertuneg21 says:

    I thought the movie was ok. . Overall, I give it a 3/5.. watch it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  23. rovenjul56 says:

    Stay at home watch this movie and feel love it. Watch it for fr33 at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  24. Its up to you guys, but for me is good movie, at least you will have lot of lesson learned. Watch now at Free Movie Zone . n e t

  25. I liked the actors. you may find it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

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