Dec 17, 2011

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Twilight Time Capsule Demo (Narrated by Nikki Reed) The Twilight Time Capsule is new, official community where fans can commemorate and share content with each other, and relive any moment in Twilight Saga film history
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  1. You know something that is really funny Twilight fans don’t like us to complain about them when fans have told me that Harry Potter is nothing but a John Lennon wannabe and can take his fairy stick and shove it up his ass now do really think we wont respond and plus if your gonna talk shit about how we are starting these fights all we have to say is its a bad book to get heat

  2. SilverDemon456 says:

    @Lizethtwilighter I came to this vid for information not to enjoy myself.
    And the same can be said for twilight fans, who say things like “you’re just jealous because you’ll never find a boyfriend like Edward” whenever someone says they don’t like twilight. Does that not ring of superiority to you? Imo potter fans are the more respectful of the two. And in general they seem to leave more intelligent, level headed comments.

  3. NekoFaustus says:

    @jazminestryder Breaking Dawn may have 800 pages, but it’s mostly filler and fluff. The only reason Summit split it into two movies is because they make twice as much money this way.

  4. jhluvsalice says:

    All twi-hards All fellow HP fans of mine who say it’s better twilight All who complain bout it, who cares? Putting us down or the series won’t keep us from enjoying. U sayin how stupid it’s to enjoy somethin so moronic shows how close-minded you are to others having an opinion. Sure, let’s all follow the group who hates Twilight, we’ll see how even more depressing today’s teens will become. Who cares if this all only lasts 5 10 or how many more years RIGHT NOW we Twi-hards aren’t goin anywhere!

  5. TheSavyLeigh says:

    She sounds excited………

  6. Twilight is not copying, please.
    Stop comparing Twilight to Harry Potter will you? They’re both two different things! Harry Potter is about witchcraft and wizardry, and Twilight is about Vampires and werewolves. I’m not a fan of Harry Potter but I love Twilight!
    The whole pedophile thing with Jacob and the baby? It’s the character’s, Jacob is not a pedophile.. If he is, your head is seriously messed up.
    Twilight is a great saga in its own right. So stop comparing because you’re just hating..

  7. jolieandall says:

    Severus is rolling his grave and it’s not cuz of Lily Potter

  8. jazminestryder says:

    …:-/ Mmph… I like the Twilight and all, its an all right series. But it kinda seems like the Twi people are copying everything the people making the HP movies do. Mainly Pottermore in this case… and splitting BD into 2 parts. That’s excusable though, because Breaking Dawn is an 800 page book. 🙂
    But, with all due respect, this is kinda obvious. I don’t know what Pottermore is like yet, because i’m not on it, but I find it a bit annoying that the Twi people are copying.

  9. MissLittleUchiha says:

    I’m really surprised it’s not called Twimore.

  10. larukulunaseas says:

    Twilight sucks, call of duty is best.

  11. TheNinjasThree says:

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan and unfortunately I’m not in Pottermore yet (sigh) and I highly dislike Twilight, but I think all you Twilight lovers are being rude. We respect your choices of liking this and I only watched this video because I was curious of what this is. I also think they should’ve waited until the movies were over to make this, not right after Pottermore was created. So please return our respect.

  12. i like that myspace its put as my I________I

  13. Okay I am a Harry Potter fan and am not that big of a fan of Twilight, but siriusly, TTC is nothing like Pottermore.

  14. @Lizethtwilighter no we don’t think we are better than you girls we just think we have better taste in movies. i don’t hate twilight because of the fans i hate twilight because of the whole “Jacob marries the baby” idea and the pedophilia and necrophilia oh and i almost forgot about the beastiality.

  15. ilikedifferent says:

    @xgeorgeweasleysgirlx i agrree with you completely i hate haters if that makes sense?

  16. xgeorgeweasleysgirlx says:

    I’m a huge fan of both Harry Potter and Twilight. I think it’s a great idea that they have both come up with ideas for fans to re-live their memories of the films/books and share them with other people. These things are designed as a celebration of fandom. Pottermore and the twilight time capsule are two completely different things so I don’t understand why there is so much hate going around. Just be happy we have been given the chance to record our memories and be a part of this.

  17. DONT comment twilight haters if u hate twilight y do u watch these videos? i love twilight and i cnt wait for 18th november… TWILIGHT ROCKS!!

  18. NeighborhoodTroll says:

    Wow, GAY



  20. Lizethtwilighter says:

    Dear Potter fans if you don’t like twilight, don’t watch the videos, as simple as that and don’t comment, you think your superior to us well you’re not, and yes I like harry potter too, but the fans are making me kinda hate it

  21. VahTheBest says:

    i don’t get how people think this is copying pottermore?

  22. EdeLovesGerrard says:

    @GraceKi92 thank you man!!!! far outt!!

  23. KuteKoolKat says:

    @Draco0Luna0Hermione isn’t Pottermore different :S I mean it seams so much…better. If it’s like this then the trailer/ sneak peak for it mislead me greatly.

  24. theawesomegirl123456 says:

    OMG. This Is Just Like Pottermore… T_T

  25. FirelightButterfly says:

    Love it, I’m so happy to be part of the Twi fandom, the studio and Stephenie always try to include us and know own opinions and POV in everything they do 😀

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