Jan 3, 2012

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Twilight Weather

Hey Twilighters, As I continue to edit the film (it’s getting really, really good now) I’m watching the scenes and remembering some of the crazy weather conditions we had in Oregon… The California actors weren’t used to the Oregon winter — they had to wear wetsuits and double SmartSocks to keep toasty. (How many places on your body can you put those chili pepper Heat Packs?) In one shooting day you could have rain, hail, snow, and SUNSHINE — not good for vampires! Talk about a filmmakers challenge, trying to get all the shots in the same scene to match. Here’s a video with some of the cast and crew explaining how tricky it was. oxo Catherine

  1. TheSTARTcommand says:

    Twilight Sucks

  2. HierArchSTART says:

    Twilight is amazing, I just love how–I’m kidding, Twilight sucks; that is all.

  3. PortugalGP says:

    In some films, directors want great storylines, in others special effects, IN TWILIGHT it all comes down to one thing: ATMOSPHERIC HUMIDITY.

    Oh well…

  4. SmoofFlash says:

    Fucking failure all over this page.

  5. Farmgirl0876 says:


    god bless

  6. Wendy9796 says:


    OMG, i love the twilight movie!

    I actually just watched TWILIGHT NEW MOON online in DVD quality…FREE!
    Check it out here:


    (Just put a dot where the comma is. Enjoy!)


  7. Jackbookowski89 says:

    Twilight Eclipse is so great I just saw it at TwilightEclipseUnseen[dot]tk  Its so great

  8. JustFlameAHoliic says:

    team edwarddddd

  9. inniediangello says:

    “we’re getting pneumonia is what we’re doin'” LOL

  10. xxNessJLovatoxx says:

    Nikki Reed looks so good in blonde hair ^^ I love Twilight and I love Taylor 🙂

  11. AlicexBrandonxCullen says:

    go Nikki and Ashley (and Jackson <3 haha. And Taylor. you'd be my favorite male friend. lol) this is hilarious.

  12. LadyKerina says:

    Sooo funny

  13. ZenRainor says:

    1:59 is funny!

  14. Roseheart100 says:


  15. Roseheart100 says:

    hahaha bqckwars

  16. KennethKatona says:

    Is it really a myth or fact about when rain/water touches a vampire?

  17. TheBecha18 says:

    Lol XD

  18. oOLadyKhan89Oo says:

    hahahaha…so funny^^

  19. limolytha96 says:


  20. Nickssh95 says:


  21. Higgins5467 says:


  22. angeline202 says:


  23. AriaInTheSky says:

    Stupid clouds. lol

  24. emochick2016 says:


  25. This is the fist time I see this video.. It’s so funny!!

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