Mar 25, 2012

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Twilight:Bella meets the Cullens!

Twilight:Bella meets the Cullens!

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  1. ElleGraceKelly says:

    Bella’s just like “Get me the hell out of here.”

  2. zayne570 says:

    its funny in the backround how emments waving to bella with the knife,….rosalie always bustin my bowls lmao

  3. annie24475 says:

    this and the scene when Edward and Bella climbing in the trees, is my favorites in the whole movie <3<3

  4. baconator3002 says:

    Jasper should have said “Pleasure to eat…MEET you.” I would have LMAO

  5. toniplusakua says:

    i just love edwards facial expressions!! like when alice is all like ” hi im alice, you sure smell good…” and edward all like ” da fu…” lol

  6. cutegurl567 says:

    Lol look at Edward’s face when he leaves the room with Bella

  7. 2000PowerX says:

    At 1:35-1:36 , Emmett acts like he will kill someone using the knife lol ! Great movie indeed !

  8. cheergirl993700 says:


  9. oh you do smell good (; team alice forever!<3

  10. Pichen1000 says:

    Jasper *_*

  11. robinxstarfire98 says:

    My favorite moments in this video:

    1) Edward: I told them not to do this!
    2) Rosalie: Is she even Italian?
    Emmett: Her name is Bella!
    3) Esme: Here comes the human!

  12. Bettlejack says:

    Jackson Rathbone could be Johnny’s Depp brother lol.

  13. ScarlettlovesRhett97 says:

    Edward’s all like MMM i hate you people right now ur freaks XD

  14. BlueBerryFairy1 says:

    3:15 i love Edwards “Guys, you are so embarrassing” – Look in that scene 😀

  15. nessaholichu says:

    I love how Edward looks at everyone before going!! Hahahah! *creeps*

  16. Ilov3p3opl3 says:

    I luv how emmet waves the knife in the background! 🙂

  17. castlegirl13 says:

    I’m just like Rosalie:)

  18. chocolatedelightful says:

    WOW!!! Rosalie finally smiled!! 🙂

  19. Darkwood5555 says:

    Ass slap @ 2:42

  20. MusicIsMyLifeyo3o says:

    Rosealie: ” Is she even Italian?”
    Emmet: ” Her name is Bella?”  LMAO XD

  21. iloveperfectharmony says:

    @SaltWaterAquarium231 do u blame him lol

  22. GeneveveX3 says:

    You just.. It’s such an awkward scene, but so funny. And then Carlisle at the end “I think that went well.” and Edward like ‘yeeaahh okay awkward.’

  23. 164145able says:

    Alice-oh u do smell good
    Edward-Alice wat r yu

  24. the3tails4eva says:

    LOl- Clean this up, now- Lol Rosalie’s face is like- You’re asking me to clean up? Seriously?

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