Mar 25, 2012

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Watch The Twilight Saga Eclipse Online Free

Article by Lisa

The Twilight Saga Eclipse is a much anticipated movie in the long line of The Twilight series. It is set to be released in the US on June 30th. The Twilight Saga Eclipse has been reviewed by plenty of people with them all saying it is the best movie this year and by far the best movie in the Twilight series. There are even some people that really disliked the previous movies in the Twilight Series but absolutely love this one. Here is a review of The Twilight Saga Eclipse.

“Let me first say that the first two Twilight saga was plain rubbish and dull, i didn’t understand anything; it hurts. But few days ago, Summit Entertainment gave the cast & crew a PRE- SCREENING of the TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. It was probably the best out of the others. The acting was great. They saved the best for this one. In this film, the film changed into a very dark perspective. The Movie starts of with the Riley, transforming him into a Vampire. The darkness of the film just gives me a “WOW”. Technically, i didn’t like Robert’s acting or Kristen. But the visuals makes Robert look so HOT in different ways. The wolf pack had way more screen time. In this one, they had less talk and plan but more ACTION pack.”

“In review of the latest trailers all is on point with the exclusion of Dekoda Fanning being part of the Twilight Saga. Besides the fact that she is a bad actress, she is not believable as the most menacing member of the Volturi (Jane). It is evident when seeing the look in her eyes when she performs that she doesn’t even believe in her role as Jane. Surprisingly, no one working alongside Fanning had the heart to remind her how Aro is pronounced. Although Fanning is one of the most decorated in the business, her mere presence on film is less than adequate as she just skates through her role as Jane. Instead of being grateful that the Dekoda Fanning has agreed to sign on to your movie, whoever did casting for this particular character should have held auditions instead of hiring someone this incompetent. “

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